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Is This Eyelashes Or What? See What A Lady Fixed On Her Eyes That Got People Talking

Excess of everything is bad. Moderation is the key to all things we do. This post is about weird eyelashes on a lady eye that got people talking on social media. “We Are Getting There”.


Are you wondering where we are getting to? Look at the picture. The poster means to say that the next eyelashes that will trend will be like the Moose antlers.

What else can I say other than agree? We are actually getting there, slowly, slowly.

In case you are wondering what the lady is carrying. It an eyelash. And in case you are wondering where we are getting into, look at the image of the animal. The next level in eyelash fixing is going to be the branch horns on the animal head.

The artificial eyelashes were compared to the Moose antler which measures 6 feet from one end to another. The Moose are the largest deer species that are very popular in the Northern Hemisphere of America.

(The Moose With long antlers. Image credit: Google)

That is actually the level women eyelash fixing in the name of fashion is heading to. That is where the next quest for beauty will lead many women to.

Excess of everything is bad. Even the bible advises against it when it says to do all things with moderation.

Moderation should be the key in all things we do. Sometimes I wondered if the people I saw on the road did not come from their houses. I wonder if there is no mirror in their houses.

Women should know that makeup should are done for appreciation and admiration. But when it veers out from these and becomes a mockery then there is no need for it in the first place.

I refuse to be among the generation that will fix this animal branch horns on their eyes in the name of artificial eyelashes and fashion. I will rather have my eyelashes trimmed than fixing these local fans on my face.

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