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TONGUE Perforation In The Name Of Fashion. See What This Lady Passed Through (Video Link Attached)

I can do many things for beauty but I think I can’t do this one. I mean I can’t Perforate my tongue. Or, can you pass through this tongue perforation process?

After seeing the disturbing video of a young girl whose tongue was being pierced with sharp object to enable her insert a jwery into her tongue, your answer will be capital NO! This is the video link.


I have been wondering and asking, what actually is the benefit of going through this torture in the name of a fashion?

Nowadays, people open their noses, ears, lips, navels, and as if these places are not enough, they perforate their tongues in order to insert tongue-ring in it. From what I have seen from the video, it is a very painful adventure.

As the young girl riggled in pain as the hot Needle passed through her tongue; I saw myself screaming. This is to me, madness in the name of fashion. Some people may feel at ease with it but to me it is cheer stupidity.

I don’t know about you? What do you think about tongue perforation? Is the gain worth the pain?

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