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Have You Heard About The 3 Makeup Kits In Writings

Let’s Discuss the 3 Makeup Kits in Writing. When We Talk About Makeup in writing, we mean bringing out aesthetics in writings. 

Photo by Marcelo Moreira from Pexels
Having a good topic to write is necessary, making good points in the story is required but all that matters is the manner of the presentation. They can only be appealing if they are well presented. And that’s where makeup kits in writing comes in.

I always tell people that writing is like preparing a meal.

No matter how delicious a meal is, the presentation will determine its reception.
Writings can also be treated the way we treat our facial makeup. In fact, I treat all my writings the way I treat my facial makeup.

When I was growing up, my father bought me a makeup kit and instructed me to always wear it each time we went out together, especially when it involved meeting a crowd.

When I asked him why; he said makeup makes a woman face looks sharp, visible, and appealing.

That is it! For an article to pass as well-written, it should be made to look sharp and appealing to the readers and the only way to do that is to employ writing makeup kits.

I am yet to hear people talk about it. These kits are invisible tools in article writing but they help in fine-tuning our work.

These tools are the reasons why two persons write on the same topic but one is read more than the other. The work of these tools is to attract readers to your articles, engage their interest, and retain it and in the end, they will long to read some more from you.

There are 3 makeup kits that should not be missing in every writing. Three of them when fussed together in our writings bring out the aesthetics in our stories.

#1  The Arouser
The arouser should be every writer’s first makeup kit. The role of this tool is to arouse the enthusiasm of the readers.

This writing makeup kit is required in all parts of our writings. It should be employed in writing the title, subtitle, introduction, and other core parts of our writings that need to be pancaked. I mean to pancake, the way we do to our faces.

In every writing, readers are moved or aroused by what they read first. The arousal should first of all most, begins from the title of our story. If a reader gives your article a benefit of doubt and clicks on it, this tool ensures he does not regret it in the body of the article.

Powerful articles arouse the enthusiasm of the readers. This is why a reader looks for other articles you have written previously after reading a piece from you.

Arousal tools are:

  • The use of suspense in our writing.
  • The sequential arrangement of mind-blowing ideas in the body of your writing.
  • Bumps: When your readers think the amazing piece is coming to an end, you will keep releasing mind-blowing information upon another.#2  The Beater

There are three categories of readers: the slow readers, the fast readers, and the mind readers. The slow readers are the patient readers who are not in a haste to read your stories. But this group of readers is highly selective.

Among these categories of readers, I am more concerned about the fast and the mind-readers. The slow readers are patient readers. They give writers the benefit of doubt in their readings.

The fast readers and the mind readers are in a haste to move over to the next story. These groups of readers don’t need to read all your articles. All they need is to glance at the title and the introduction, they will summarise your point even before you are done writing

The role of this invisible writing beautifier is to beat the readers’ imagination. Since readers behave differently on a piece of writing, this technique will ensure that after reading your pieces, what they get will be above their expectations.

The Beater Tools Are:

  • The article must begin with a strong statement and end strong
  • Do not water the points in your articles.
  • Do not over paraphrase your points. It annoys some readers.
  • Do not exhaust your best at the beginning of the story. Have something special for every paragraph.

#3  The Catcher and the Retainer

The role of this third writing makeup kit in your writing is to catch your readers’ attention. It is not only doing the catching, it retains it.

As a writer, I am aware that I am writing for a heterogeneous audience. If you haven’t thought about your readers as a heterogeneous audience, you may not be communicating in your writings as expected.

Like I have said earlier, you can never guess who may be reading your articles. Some readers are so intelligent that they can summarize your writings even from your caption or introduction. So, I don’t play with these two lines in my articles.

The catcher and the retainer tool is employed in the story caption and the introduction. Your caption and introduction should be crafted to captivate the reader’s attention and retain it.

So many beautiful articles have gone unnoticed because the writers didn’t employ this makeup in writing the titles and the introductions for the articles.

The writers who have this tool in their hands understand that first impression matters in their writings. Readers are moved by what they read first in any piece. If you didn’t paint it well, it will not catch the readers’ attention.

The Catcher and the Retainer Tools Are:

  • Begin your writing with a claim or strong assertion.
  • Employ Innuendo
  • Begin your article with a thought-provoking quote.


Final Words
There are many ways to present an article. There are writers who make it easier for readers in their manner of presentations. The writer hit the central message in the introductory paragraph and do justice to it in the body of the article.

Whatever method you decide to adopt may not matter. What matters is how to sell your articles to the readers. Like I have said in the introduction, preparing a good meal is one thing, presenting it is in the desired manner is another.

Having a good topic to write is one thing, presenting it in a way that it will be massively received is another. Learning to set it the way tables are set will go a long way to arouse the readers’ interest, beat their imagination, catch and retain their interest.