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2023 CON Anglican Bible Study Outline – STUDY 1, JANUARY 1, 2023 

2023 CON Anglican Bible Study Outline – STUDY 1, JANUARY 1, 2023

We give thanks to God for the labor of the National Committee on Liturgy and Spirituality in preparing this well-planned Bible Study outline for use in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). We are glad that the team has not relented in giving serious commitment to the realization of the vision and goal of our church to be a Bible-based, spiritually dynamic, united, disciplined, self-supporting, committed to pragmatic evangelism, social welfare, and a Church that epitomizes the genuine love of Christ. Do you read Our Daily Manner Devotional? Follow the link here.


Our Bible Study this year will examine the theme: God’s Children As Pilgrims To The Heavenly Kingdom: Manifestation Of God’s Reign On Earth. This study is intended to expound the meaning and benefits of walking with God as His Children in an ever-changing world. The Bible reveals that Christians are called by God to be strangers and pilgrims, that is, a spiritual citizen of the Kingdom of God on a journey toward that Kingdom. (2Per. 2:10-11). We are in the world but not of this world as God’s emissaries and ambassador. This profound truth buttresses the fact that our sojourn on earth is the training ground for a wonderful eternal future, God has planned for each of us. As pilgrims, we must continually keep our whole life focused on the permanent future city whose builder is God not allowing our earthly achievement, attainment and position to hinder or distract us. God is faithful; He will be with us to till the end.


We have continued to receive encouraging testimonies on the spiritual impart and relevance of the topics of our Bible Study as a tool for intentional personal and corporate growth of the Church. Our 2023 study shall take us through various important sub-themes including some liturgical Holy days. The study will help us to evaluate our pilgrimage and our focus on our heaven home. Our hope in Christ must not only be in this world and what we can get from God but we must invest in Soul Winning, getting others to join us in our heavenward.



We shall not fail to commend the CON Liturgy and Spirituality Committee ably led by Rt. Rev’d Dr. Babatunji Foluso and specially appreciate all the Bible Study team of writers whose efforts have made this work possible. To the glory of God, we present this Bible Study Outline for use in all our churches and institutions for the year 2023 for our spiritual growth and God’s kingdom expansion.

The Lord be with you.

The Most Revd Dr. Henry C. Ndukuba, MA, BD, MA(Ed.) D.D

Archbishop, Metropolitan & Primate of All Nigeria

Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).


2023 CON Anglican Bible Study Outline – STUDY 1, JANUARY 1, 2023


The life of humankind on earth is a journey that ends in heaven for the righteous and in hell for the unrighteous (1Ch 29:15; Ps 39:12; 119:19). It is very important for us as Christians to have this conception so as to always focus more on heaven instead of pleasures (ungodly) and riches of this earth (1Pet 2:11-12). Being heavenly focused will enable us to manifest as God’s children on our pilgrimage on earth.


GOD’S CHILDREN AS PILGRIMS TO THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM: MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S REIGN ON EARTH is the theme for this year’s Bible Study. We cannot talk of this enough. It is pertinent to continue to study this as we journey homeward, firstly, to enable us show to this world that we are members of a glorious Kingdom on earth, where God reigns, and secondly to prepare ourselves for our eternal reign with Him.


The study shall take us through nine important sub-themes beginning with the Reign of God, where we shall expound in details what it means when we say God reigns on earth and in heaven. This shall be followed by the concept of pilgrimage of Christians (Children of God), and the nature of their lives in the Kingdom of God while they are on earth. For example, the path of our pilgrimage on earth towards the heavenly kingdom, are full of dangers, which can derail the homeward journey.


Furthermore, we need to be able to manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit to the world around, to prove that truly, we are Children of God. Through this, we shine forth the light of Christ for unbelievers to see and glorify God(Rom 8:19). These manifestations will undoubtedly enkindle resistance and confrontation from the kingdom of darkness. Therefore we need to properly equip ourselves with the whole armor of God in the pilgrimage(Eph 6:11-17). This will secure our victory over the world, sin, Satan, spiritual death and the powers of darkness.


We have introduced an innovation in the formation of this year’s outline. This gives room for participants to work ahead the Bible Study class on each study, by writing their answers on their outline, to foster fruitful contributionsand robust discussion during the course of study in the Church. This method aims at making each of us individual Bible students.

We are sincerely grateful to all the resource persons ably led by Ven Charles O Fakiyesi for their time and virtues in the production and editing of this outline. We specially thank the Team leaders; Ven Charles O Fakiyesi, Ven Precious Nyanabobi, Ven. Dr Cephas Okarefe, Ven. Dr E.Tayo Faremi, Revd Dr Jola Osinjonwo, Sir Wilberforce Derikoma, Mr Wale Ogunbekun and all our church fathers, which we consulted, especially The Rt. Revd. Prof & Mrs. E.B. Ajulo (Rtd.) for dedicating their time and commitments, so as to have a better Bible Study Outline for this year. May God bless them and reward their labour of love in His vineyard.

The Rt. Revd Dr Foluso Olugbenga Babatunji

Chairman, Liturgy & Spirituality Committee

Church of Nigeria

2023 CON Anglican Bible Study Outline – STUDY 1, JANUARY 1, 2023


  1. Every member is to study at home before the general study in the Church. They are to fill-in their answers and then bring it for discussions during the following Sunday.
  2. The Teachers to lead the studies must be adequately trained in the use of Time and right Language. Preview for each study is very essential before they lead the study.
  3. It is important to manage the time allocated for study during divine services and to always control the time for contributions by people.
  4. The Bible passage must be read at the beginning of each study and should not be repeated in the course of study, but can only be referred to.
  5. Quotations in brackets like (Jn 12:4) are not to be read; they are just references by writers to buttress the points. However, it can be read in personal study.
  6. Each congregation can arrange for Bible study quiz to test the abilities of members’ participations and usage of the outline. In such case, prizes can be awarded. 

2023 CON Anglican Bible Study Outline – STUDY 1, JANUARY 1, 2023

STUDY 1       



SUB-THEME: God‘s Reign 1

TOPIC: The sovereignty of God.

TEXTS:          Psalm 97:1-7


  1. to understand the sovereignty of God and
  2. to see how God can use any situation or creature to fulfil His purpose.


INTRODUCTION: The sovereignty of God simply means that God has the authority (right), power, and wisdom to exercise his rule over his creation. Every part of His creation: all places, objects, creatures, people, and even Satan is under His will and rule. He takes order from none of His creatures. His order is supreme. However, the sovereignty of God is never to will or do evil but can use any of His creatures to fulfil His purpose on earth and in eternity.



  1. In your understanding, explain the Sovereignty of God in the context of Psalm 97:1-7; Psalm 135:5-7; Rom 11:33; Col 1:16.————————————————————————————-
  2. Read the following Bible passages: Dan 3:22-25; Acts 12:5-8; Acts 16:25-26 and explain how God manifested His sovereignty on both living and non-living creatures. ————————————————————————————-
  3. How can you prove the sovereignty of God over Satan in Job 1:12? Compare with Mk 5:6-13 and Luk 10:17-19. ————————————————————————————-
  4. How can God use unfavorable situation and occasional wickedness to fulfill His purpose for His people? Compare Gen 39:20 with Gen 41:14,38-40 and Gen 45:4,5,7; Also Compare Job 1:9-11and 42:12. ————————————————————————————-


CONCLUSION: God’s supremacy cuts across everything He created and uses any to fulfill His purpose.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: God is supreme and only His will is final.


MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 135:6 “Whatsoever the LORD pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places”.

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