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Sit at Home on Saturday 10 December 2022?

Situation report about IPOB Sit at Home on Saturday 10 December 2022. The members of IPOB are enforcing sit at home order today, Saturday10th of December, 2022.

I saw market woman running back from new market in Enugu town with her wares. She said some IPOB members set a bus ablaze in the new market, a bus which was trying to carry passengers. Despite the debunking of the viral video which issued sit at home order by leaders of IPOB, it appears, the order is being enforced in some parts of Igbo land.

From the look of things around, there is a sit at home today, Saturday 10 December, 2022. But from the look of things, the order will not be successfully enforced today. This is because there are so many already scheduled activities and events like weddings and end of the parties. We also observing a gradual influx of private and public vehicles and people on the road this morning.

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Is there Sit at Home from 10 to 14 December 2022? IPOB Reacted.

There is a viral video and a backdrop trending since last week on social media. The video claims that IPOB will hold a 5 day sit at home. That is, from Friday 9th December to 14th December, 2022. Going by this date, it is not a 5-day sit at home. If you count from today, it should be six days. Read also the trending story: Okeite or Nneite Money Ritual aka Oke ite Awele – Untold Secrets.

6-day or 5-day, the question is will there be a sit at on these said dates? The answer is no. There will not be a 5 day sit at home in the Igbo land from 9th December to 14th December, 2022. According to reliable sources, the leaders of IPOB has come out to debunk the circulating video in the public.

Is there Sit at Home from 9 to 14 December 2022?

No! The 5-day sit at home from Friday 9th December to 14th December, 2022 will not hold. Today is already Friday, 9th December. Movements in Enugu and its environs are normal. The markets and offices are open. Our correspondents also reached out an indigene of Anambra State through a telephone call who confirmed that movements are going normal in the State.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has condemned a social media video calling for a five-day sit-in across “Biafra country” from December 9 to December 14, 2022. This comes as the pro-Biafra movement has recommended anybody planning to vote in the 2023 polls to do so without fear, emphasizing that the movement has not ordered a boycott of the operation.

A voice in the background of a viral video threatens to kill anyone seen outside in “Biafra territory” during the lockdown. IPOB Sit at Home on Saturday 10 December 2022.

However, IPOB quickly distanced itself from the film, which it claimed was the work of sponsored agents of evil working against Biafra movements.

In a statement issued Tuesday, IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, alleged that the film’s creators and promoters were hired by Biafra’s enemies to instill panic in the region and pit the people against IPOB.

“IPOB desires to announce clearly to the people of Biafra, allies of Biafra, and lovers of Biafra freedom that IPOB leadership did not issue any sit-at-home order on the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, or 14th of December 2022,” the statement added. It urged the public to disregard the claimed directive and go about their lawful business without fear of being molested.

It stated, in part, that “IPOB never issued any sit-at-home order on the above-mentioned days because we are neither miscreants, foolish, or jobless people.”

IPOB Sit at Home on Saturday 10 December 2022.


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Is there IPOB Sit at Home on Saturday 10 December 2022?

“Every Biafran and resident in Biafra Land should disregard such orders from untrained and brainless persons whose goal is to make the Biafra movement unappealing to our people.” On such days, every Biafran must continue about their regular lives.

“IPOB is concerned that our people cannot issue such a brainless, uncaring 5-day straight sit-at-home order to punish our people during this critical time of year when folks are attempting to make up for lost time in their businesses.”

“The concept of a Nigerian spy and his backers sitting at home for five consecutive days is to demonstrate the level of hate and hatred they have against our people.” Their goal is to instill fear and hardship in our people so that they will reject Biafra’s independence.”

IPOB has threatened to confront anyone who attempts to carry out the false sit-at-home order.

“Our people should be armed and ready to confront any fool who attempts to impose such inhumane sit-at-home restrictions.” Furthermore, ESN operatives and IPOB volunteers will be present at these events to protect our people and the markets.

“Biafran youths should also be prepared to fight anyone who tries to force them to close their businesses on these days.” “The idiots issuing this brazen sit-at-home order should realize that the IPOB leadership has never allowed anyone to issue an order of this scale in Biafraland, thus it will not work out for them.”

“Our people should go about their business without fear.” IPOB has placed a check on the propagandists and their foot troops in Biafra land. “Biafra restoration is progressing wonderfully, and we must exit this cage called Nigeria with Elohim’s grace.”

IPOB also stated that it has not ordered a boycott of the 2023 elections, instead asking everyone who intends to vote to obtain their PVCs and carry out their civic responsibilities. “Once again, everyone has the right to go to their polling and registration centers and collect their PVC without being harassed.” “IPOB has nothing to do with the shambolic elections in Nigeria.”