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Meet Godfrey Baguma in 2023 – The Ugliest Man in the World – Read his Motivational Story

Godfrey Baguma in 2023 – The Ugliest Man in the World

Welcome to In this post, we shall be talking about the biography and profile of a strange personality. His name is Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebabi. According to the Guinness Book of Records, he is the world’s most ugly man. Godfrey Baguma in 2023 – The Ugliest Man In the World.

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 - The Ugliest Man In World
Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebabi

Ssebabi Profile at a glance:

  • Full Name: Godfrey Baguma

  • Nickname: Ssebabi

  • Godfrey Baguma age: 49

  • Gender: Male

  • Status: married

  • Wife’s name: Kate Namanda

  • No. of Children: 8

  • Hit Album: Abate

  • Net worth: $10,000

You may read about Amou Haji – the world’s dirtiest man. He has not bathed for more than 60 years.

Mind you, this post does not have the aim of scorning Godfrey Banguma or making fun of his look. Rather, we want to talk about his story, his current state in 2022. We want ta talk about his love life, career, and children.

At the end of this post, we want anyone reading it to be proud of how he or is created. WE also want to emphasize that how you are created is not the problem, the problem is how you accepted yourself.

Here is the touching story of Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebabi.

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 – The Ugliest Man In the World

Before we continue, we want you to have this at the back of your mind: “Nothing happens by mistake. Everything that happens has a reason for happening. Only God almighty knows why things turn out the way they do.

Hence the popular controversial quote; “what God does not know does not exist”. What I understand from this quote is that everything that happens on earth happens with the permission of God.

God controls the affairs of men on the earth. His ways too are unique and different from the ways of man.

Many people have been inspired by the story of a Ugandan guy named Godfrey Baguma. As a result, 9jainformed penned down this article where you’ll find everything you need to know about him in the sections below.

Godfrey Baguma’s Early life

Ssebabi was born in Mbarara a town located in Uganda. His real name is Godfrey Baguma.

However is popular and well known by his nickname, Ssebabi. Ssebabi is one of the most popular names in Uganda. This is because of his physical outlook, talent, creativity, and his general conduct.

Ssebabi is one of Uganda’s most well-known names, thanks to his physical appearance, talent, creativity, and general demeanor. He is currently 48 years old and married to a wonderful woman named Kate.

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 – The Ugliest Man in the World


 What Happened to Godfrey Baguma’s look?

He was born that way? No. He wasn’t born with his current look. He developed a strange health condition shortly after his births. The strange illness which looks like a tumor on his face one side of the face disfigured his look.

Due to his health issues and his physical dreadful outlook, his mother abandoned him and left him at the mercy of his grandmother who nurtured him.

One thing that remains true in Godfrey Baguma’s story is that he wasn’t born ugly. Yes, he wasn’t.

However, At the age of 10,  he began to notice unusual swellings in his face. Due to his condition, he was denied so many privileges, such as mingling with others and gaining access to crowded venues such as the markets.


Not only that, but he was rejected by his family, friends, and the entire public. The worst of it all, he was also abandoned by his own mother. Very pathetic and disheartening!

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 – The Ugliest Man In the World


Godfrey Baguma’s Music Career and other Related Stories surrounding Him


How did Ssebabi go into a Music career?

In an interview that Baguma granted to news media, he claims that his mother abandoned him after his birth and left him in the care of his grandma owing to his odd appearance. He said he spent his childhood indoors, refusing to associate with others because he was considered an unattractive and unusual creature.


When he grew older, he took a bold step to face the world. he heard of a world contest named “the ugliest man in the world. He enrolled and entered the contest.

Fortunately, Ssebabi won the tournament named “the ugliest man in the world.” That was the beginning of his announcement and success.

Baguma didn’t end there, he also noticed he is a good singer and also humourous.

Being a talented singer and comedian, Godfrey Baguma was able to keep his career going until 2002 when he became more popular after he won the competition for the world’s ugliest guy.

Godfrey Baguma Wife and Children

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 - The Ugliest Man In World
Baguma during his wedding with Kate
Godfrey Baguma in 2022 - The Ugliest Man In World
Ssebabi with his wife and children

Baguma is married to two women. He divorced his first wife because of a case of infidelity.

His first wife and had two children with her. He eventually left her after discovering she was having an affair with another man.

Godfrey Baguma later married Kate, his second wife. According to him, he had to keep Kate hidden from her parents until she gave birth because they would have told her to leave him if they found out they were together.

He is currently the father of eight children. His ex-wife gave him two and his current partner, Kate, gave him six.

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 – The Ugliest Man in the World


Ssebabi revealed in one of his exclusive interviews that his mother was unhappy with the way he looked and assumed he wasn’t a normal human being because of it.

To make matters worse, he expresses dissatisfaction with his mother’s attitude toward his abandonment.

He never forgets to thank his grandma for accepting him when she was nothing and taking the risk of raising him

He also noted a few difficulties he faced as a result of his appearance, like the inability to socialize with people, the stigma, and so on.

He never forgets to thank his grandma for accepting him when she was nothing and taking the risk of raising him.

When asked how he thinks about his current appearance, he stated that he has no choice but to accept his faith because that is what fate has in store for him.

His words:

“My mother looked at me when I was born and told me that I wasn’t a normal child, so she left me. My grandmother, thankfully, looked after me.

I was afraid to go out and mingle with strangers. People would claim I didn’t look like a person and that I was a bizarre monster. But now I have to embrace my appearance.”

Godfrey Baguma in 2022 – The Ugliest Man in the World


Fake News about Ssebabi

Godfrey Baguma in 2023 - The Ugliest Man in the World

In 202, the news spread that the Uganda-born celebrity who became popular for his bizarre features took a third wife. It was reported almost this form: “World’s Ugliest Man, Godfrey Baguma married the third wife in grand style”.

When an inquiry was made, it was discovered that the news was fake. He has actually seen a wedding outfit with a strange lady who is not his wife. her name is One Blood and she was featured in the album.

The photos of the fake wedding were culled from his single hit album: “Abate”, the music where he sang about love. It was actually a music video and not a real-life wedding.


Godfrey Baguma in 2022 – The Ugliest Man in the World


Baguma net worth

As of the time of this report, there is no available financial report on the net as to how much Baguma worth. However, his financial condition has changed from being poor to rich.

Now, he can afford a luxurious meal for himself and for his family. Unlike before, when he was living from hand to mouth. He now has a beautiful house of his own.

He makes fortunes from his music career. Although his albums are that popular in the market they are on YouTube. he makes money from his albums on YouTube. Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebabi’ s net worth is about $10, 000.

Godfrey Baguma in 2021 - The Ugliest Man In World

Moral Lesson From Godfrey Baguma’s Story (Summary)

So many lessons can be learned from the life story of Godfrey Baguma. One of them is, no matter how you look, you can still chase all your dreams without any hindrance.

Despite being known as the world’s ugliest man, he overcame his self-consciousness about his appearance. He was able to find himself a wife and recognized his musical and comedic talents, which he kept on board for the world to see.

Don’t get down on yourself because you’re having difficulties; trust in yourself. Always surround yourself with positive people and dismiss irrelevant opinions toward you. What God has in store shall surely come to pass no matter what people think of you.

In our daily struggle to survive, we should learn to always find the motivation to bounce back even when the world tries to bring us down. Use your bad to get the best for yourself just like Ssebabi.

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Godfrey Baguma in 2023 – The Ugliest Man in the World