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How to Start a Blog without Money – Create Free Blog and make Money

How to Start or a Blog Without Money

If you are a beginner, a student, or someone who has a passion for blogging but can’t start because you don’t money to buy hosting and domain, read this guide to the end. The keyword “How To Start A Blog Without Money” has been searched severally. But here, we made deep research and came up with this article so as to help answer your question. In this article, I will be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to start your blogging journey completely for free.

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The first question you would ask immediately seeing this post is, Is starting a blog without money actually possible? The answer is yes! The truth is starting a blog is a business that requires funds but you can start and later invest in your blog with the money you got from your free blog. Starting a blog without money requires few steps; create an account on a WordPress or blogger free platform, install your theme and edit the required places then start making your blog post.

As a beginner or someone who has not yet started blogging, there are few things you should know which will guide you on your blogging journey. Some of those things include the meaning of a blog, how bloggers make money, and so on.

What is a blog?

Simply, a blog is a regularly updated website where information about a given topic or different topic is shared. A blog can be a news site, a product review site, or an online site where you go to read stories. Do you know those results or answers you see when you search for something on google? those articles are all written in a blog.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who owns and runs a blog. A blogger is in charge of writing, editing, and publishing blog posts. The blogger handles all the writing work except he decides to employ a writer.

How to make money from a Blog

I have seen many newbies asking if bloggers make money so I decided to answer it here. The correct answer is yes. Bloggers make a lot of money, I mean a lot. Below is a screenshot of the earning of a blogger I bumped into when I was surfing the web

Regarding how to make money from a blog, there are countable ways to monetize a blog and they include;

  • Ads  Network
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored post
  • Creating and selling online courses
  • Offer your Services
  • Publish sponsored Content etc

Ads Network

This is the most popular way to monetize a blog and the most popular and trusted ads network is Google ads on the internet. Let me explain how Ads Network works using the Google ads network as an example. A company or a brand that wants their product or service to reach more audience will pay Google to advertise for them, Google will now advertise the product on the blogs of publishers that are registered with them. The blogger earns a commission for the ads published on his site.

Some other alternative Ads networks to Google Adsense are Intech Ads Network and Foremedia Ads Network. You can read how the ads networks work and their reviews by clicking on the links.


Affiliate Marketing

This is simply helping companies to market their product or service and getting a percentage of the money when a user purchases the service through your link. There are many affiliate networks depending on your niche.

Sponsored post

If you have enough traffic on your blog, brands and business owners can buy advert space on your blog

Creating and selling online courses

This is another way to make tons of money blogging. You can create courses depending on your niche and sell them to your audience. The online course can inform a pdf, video, or an audio

Offer your Services

This is almost the same thing as selling online courses but different in a way, here you do the paid services instead of selling the guide on how to do it.

Publish Sponsored Content

A fellow blogger or a brand that is in the same niche as you can pay you to publish an article about their brand

There are still plenty of ways to make money from a blog but I just mentioned these few because they are the most popular ones. I know after seeing there are many ways to make money from a blog, you are motivated to start your own right away so let’s dive right in on how to create and make money from your free blog.

How to Start or a Blog Without Money

How to Start or a Blog Without Money


How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress

There are many platforms to create a free blog but the one I will highly recommend is Blogger and WordPress.When I said WordPress I didn’t mean but rather the free version I give you my own review on which is better between and Blogger let me teach you how to create a free blog using the two. is a good place to start a free blog.WordPress has a paid version( which is best for blogging but for the sake we creating a free blog we will be using create a free blog on WordPress only requires a few simple steps, they include;

1.Log on to

2. Install a theme

3. Choose a domain name

4. Choose a free plan

5. Create your account

6. Customize your blog

7. Make your first blog post

1. Log on to– I have explained this before but will repeat it again. The free version of WordPress is, not Navigate on the WordPress home page and click on “start with free”.

2. Install a theme– WordPress has a bunch of free themes to start start with. You can choose from the free themes to make your blog look professional and beautiful. The good thing about it is that you can decide to change your theme to a new one anytime you feel like

3. Choose a domain name– A domain name is a URL(Uniform Resource Locator) or better said a link that directs to your blog. Normally a domain name suppose to look like this or any other domain extension but due to the fact that you are using a free WordPress blog, you will be using the WordPress free domain which looks like this; on the internet has its own unique domain name so you should choose a unique and easy to remember the name

4. Choose a free plan– On the WordPress homepage, you will be asked to choose a plan between the three options free plan, premium plan, and business plan. Go for that free plan since you are creating a free blog.

5. Create your account– Once you click on the free plan you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to type in your email address. Once you input all the necessary details, you will be taken to your WordPress blog.

6. Customize your blog– Here is where the theme I talked about earlier comes in. Choose a theme that perfectly suits your niche and install the necessary plugins. Plugins are used to add extra features to a WordPress blog. You can find your blog stat and other necessary things in your blog back end.

7. Make your first blog post. After you are done customizing your free WordPress blog, the next thing is making your first blog post. Writing a blog post is not your normal way of maybe writing a social media post or an essay. Millions of blog posts are published every day so in other to create one that can rank on search engines, you need a good knowledge of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

In case you just heard SEO for the first time. SEO is simply the way you optimize your blog and your blog post in other to rank on the Search engines. Here is a free guide on how to do basic search engine optimization you need to know as a beginner. You can read here to learn new SEO tricks and how to rank on google first page.

How to Start or a Blog Without Money

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger

Blogger or Blogspot is a blogging platform owned by Google. You can create a free blog with awesome design in four easy steps. They include;

1. Sign up on

2. Choose a name

3. Install a theme

4. Create your first blog post

Sign up on– This is the first step in creating a free blog with blogger.Log on to and sign up with your Gmail account. After sign up, click on “New Blog” to create a few blogs on the blogger

Choose a name– The next step is to choose a unique URL for your blog. Based on the fact that you are using a free blogger blog, your URL will look like this; can decide to buy a custom domain later.

Install a theme– Blogger has few free themes which you can use at first, but to make your blog look more professional you can download and install blogger themes from theme vendors. To install a new theme, click on a theme, select upload them and then upload them you downloaded.

Create your first blog post To create a new post, click on “New Post” and start writing your article. I explained before that writing a blog post requires more than just writing and posting. To be able to rank your blog on the search engines you have to optimize it for SEO. You can read our free guide on how to create SEO optimized post here>>  How to rank on google first page Vs

This is just a short review of which is better between a WordPress-free blog and a blogger blog. Am not talking about Both free blogging platforms have their different unique differences and ways they are better than each other.

However, in terms of ranking which is the most important, I would say a Blogspot blog rank better than a WordPress free blog. So in my own opinion, I will advise you to start with a blogger blog.

How to Start or a Blog Without Money

How To Money Make Money From A Free Blog

As I already explained earlier in the article, there are many ways to make money from a blog but the ones I will recommend for a beginner is ADs Network and affiliate marketing. With this two, you can make your first money online so as to move your blog to a custom domain or even move it to for a better result.

Ad Network– When you start getting a reasonable amount of traffic in your blog, you can register with an ad network and start monetizing your blog traffic. There are many ad networks out there but the best and most reliable one is Google ads. I usually hear beginners asking if you can register on adsense with a free domain, the answer is yes but some ad networks might not accept a subdomain.

Affiliate Marketing– This is another way to make money as a beginner in blogging. You can pick a product in your niche and start marketing it. For example, if your blog is about the graphic design you can decide to market the product the Canva(a graphic design site). Do some research and find affiliate products in your niche and start promoting.

Conclusion – How to Start a Blog Without Money

To start a free blog and make money is possible but it requires a lot of hard work and consistency. Also, note that the guide I gave here is not enough to run a successful blog.

Skills like SEO, Link Building, and keyword research are too broad to contain in a single article so make research on them and expand your knowledge. If you found this article useful, please do well to share the article with others. Good luck on your blogging journey.