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Working Tricks to Concieve Baby Girl – Expert Advice

How to Conceive baby girl – by an Expert

How to Conceive baby girl – 5 Working Tricks:

  1. Boost Sperm motility
  2. Try on the 2 Days before your Ovulation
  3. Avoid Sexual intercourse Before the date
  4. Avoid Sex During Ovulation
  5. Involve God. 

How to Conceive baby girl

I promised my readers who sent their feedback on my recent post, “Ovulation periods and free period – how to count” that I will write on tricks to conceive baby boy. The post was received with much enthusiasms.

However, like Oliver Twist, my readers are asking for more. They requested I write on tricks to conceive a bay girl. So, as a follow-up on the post, how to conceive and give birth to a baby boy, I am writing on how to conceive and give birth to a baby girl.

I had to add ‘expert opinion or advice on the title because the advise does not belong to me. It was taught by a Professor of Medicine who is a Chief Gynecologist. Actually he is my personal doctor.

My husband and I paid him a visit to be guided when we had our 3rd son and no girl yet. He guided us. What he told us was what worked for us plus God on our sides.

Not only me, he had been guiding many Moms looking to conceive baby girls and the results have been positive. The secrets are what I am going to share here.





First, I must admit here that it is God who gives children. I want to also state emphatically here that trying to conceive a baby girl is more difficult than that of baby boy. Please, quote me anywhere. Those who have tried to conceive baby girls will assent to this claim that having them is not easy.

Sadly, those who have them on the platter of gold don’t value them.
There are only 5 simple secrets I am going to give you to conceive a baby girl. We are going to draw a diagram of a typical monthly cycle. In case, you are yet to read our article on ovulation periods and free periods – how to count, read it here. It will help you to master the diagram. I gave a vivid explanation of it on the post.

In the article, we drew a practical diagram using the current month, the month of July. In the diagram, we used 5th of July as the date the woman started her menstrual period. We also told our readers that even if it started as a spotting, that it should be counted as day 1.

We pointed the days in the 31 days in July when a woman is free, when she is likely ovulating and her peak ovulation period. We are still going to use the same diagram in this post because it will serve as a great guide.

How to Conceive baby girl – by an Expert



How to Conceive baby girl - by an Expert
Ovulation Calculator

5 Simple Tricks to Conceive  Baby

  1. Boost Sperm motility:

It has been taught that the sperm cells which result in an X chromosome live longer than the Y chromosome. It was also taught that male sperm dies off and leaves the female sperm (YX = Male, XX = Female).


The need for the boosting of the motility of the spermatozoa is to prepare it for it to last even up to 72 hours. If a man has weak sperm, all of them will likely die off even before they travel into the ovary, let alone staying for future fertilization.

2. Try on the 2 Days before your Ovulation:

In trying to conceive a baby girl, there are only a few tricks that work. You must try on the 2 days before your ovulation period. You must not try on the day of your ovulation. And you and your partner must prepare for it.

Look at the two dates before ovulation periods, these are the right dates to try for the conception of a baby girl. The reason why you should try on the two days off the ovulation periods is to allow the male sperm to die off, leaving only the female. Once there is an egg release in the ovary, there will be fertilization and this will likely result in the baby girl.

3. Avoid Sexual intercourse Before the date:

This point may not have any scientific backup but it is necessary. It is advisable for couple to store up and wait for the D-day to shoot.

Let me tell you my personal encounter on that. After I had my second son – third anyway ( I lost the first). My husband and I began to try for a baby girl. At a point, we weren’t trying again for the baby girl because we encountered bigger challenge that we were praying for any sex of a child after many months of trying.

I noticed that after having an intercourse with my husband, there was nothing to wipe, I mean nothing. I summoned courage one day and told him that I wasn’t having any feeling of his fluids inside me. The moment I said that, I noticed flood of fear flushed all over his face.

I know my husband all these years, I know when things are not alright even without mentioning it. He is a panicking type. He is a type that will not have erection if he commits an offence against you.

“So, he knew all these while?” I thought to myself.

He knew nothing was coming out or it came in a little quantity and refused to mention it because he thought he had caught an infection. I ended the discussion and assured him it was normal.

We agreed and booked an appointment with this expert I am talking about. We were sent to run some blood work. At the end, nothing. I mean nothing. He was ok and I was too.

So, why was nothing coming out? The doctor had an answer to that. He said something was coming out but in  a small quantity. He also said, we were doing it virtually everyday.

“You should give his sperm duct a break to rebuild”, he finally advised. That was actually the point I want to make here.

When a man stays for days or even weeks, the more sperm he stores in his sperm duct and the more rich and quality it becomes. Please, I did not say others who put theirs at use everyday cannot make babies. That is not what I said.

Everyone is not the same. If you find yourself in the similar shoes as myself and my husband and if you are trying to conceive for long, you should give that thing a break to store.

To cap the testimony, I took in the following month. In that month, we had it only once in  week.

4. Avoid Sex During Ovulation:

Let’s take for instance in the drawing. If you try on the 13th and 14th of July, you should never try on the 16th and 17th of July. These two days should be the peak of your ovulation period.

Remember, any fresh intercourse on these dates may result to baby boy. I won’t go further in details in explaining this trick but stick to the instruction. You and your husband should try on the 2 dates before your ovulation periods and don’t try again during the ovulation unless you are trying for either a boy or a girl.

5. Involve God:

I will always end on this note. I don’t care to know what you believe but I believe that God is the Creator of all things. He is in charge of the Universe. Whatever He says is what will be.

While planning, involve Him. Samuel did not come until Hannah involved God at Shiloh.

Therefore, be like Sister Hannah. Always involve God as you plan and seek for a particular sex of a child. Good luck!

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