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IPOB Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021: Huge Compliance

IPOB Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021

Situation Report: IPOB sit-at-home Order in Major Cities 2021. Huge compliance; Roads Deserted, Quiet as Graveyard.

Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021. Every year, the people of eastern Nigeria, especially the Igbos map out a day that usually falls on the 30th of May to observe sit-at-home for the honor and remember the fallen heroes who fought for the freedom of the Igbos during the Biafran-Nigerian civil war from 1967 to 1970.

Even though the freedom fighters led by the late Major Odumegwu Ojukwu were unsuccessful they are remembered every year for their sacrifices. Many gave their lives in the fight and some never returned to their loved ones. Every 30th of May is dedicated to their honour and remembrance.

The 2021 sit-at-home order in the east is not as it used to be. It is no longer an affair for the IPOB agitators. moved around the major busy city roads and markets, we observe huge compliance from the people living in the East.

IPOB Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021

Eastern Governors have succumbed to the pressure of the Igbos to hold sit-at-home in the State. In an earlier report last week, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State gave a thump up for Sit-at-Home to be observed by the People of Anambra and advised other Igbos to join.

In his words, he said if other religions can map out days or dates for the celebrations of one event or the other, it is not bad to also have a date in the Igbo calendar to respect the fathers who were fallen heroes during the Biafran war.

Meanwhile, on the other reports, residents of different cities in the Esat have taken to social to share the situation report in their areas regarding the sit at home order. Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021.

  • Onitsha

From the news reaching us, there is total compliance of sit at home order in Onitsha. According to the residents of the busy city, even the streets are deserted. Everyone is indoor.

See screenshots and video evidence


IPOB Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021

  • Nnewi

Residents in Nnewi have also reported total compliance by the people. It has been reported that the always-busy traffic light in the bubbling town is dry and as quiet as a graveyard. See screenshots:

  • Aba Report: Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021

The sit-at-home order fully complies in Aba. Photos of the streets of Aba shared by residents show that major roads and streets have been deserted.

  • Enugu may not give account for other areas in the Enugu town and beyond. However, we were able to move around within Okpara Avenue, GRA, New Market, and Holy Ghost environs.

See the Roads leading to Okpara Avenue and Newmarket in Enugu town. The roads and markets are as quiet as a graveyard.


More Photos from IPOB Sit at Home Order 2021 in Enugu

  • Great Enyiukwu Town

We also received a situation report on sit-at-home order 2021 from the great Enyiukwu town. The town is the happening town in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra. It has been rated the second-best most developed town in the Igbo land, after Abiriba town.

The streets and the markets are deserted in this town like the other cities we saw. However, we noticed something that put laughter on our faces and eased the tension a little.

When the goats decide to dare sit-at-home order. Lol

It is the goats. The person who shared the photos said only the goats that refused to obey sit-at-home order in this place.

The Sum on Sit-at-Home Order in Major Cities 2021

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