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Bleeding Tree (Dragon Blood Tree) Location and Uses

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Let’s talk about Bleeding Tree (Dragon Blood Tree) Location and Uses. It is a special kind of tree that bleeds just like a human being.

This Tree was cut down and this unbelievable thing happened. Bleeding tree aka Dragon Blood Tree can be found in many places in Igbo land. Read about its Location and Uses.

See Tree that Sheds Blood like Humans. It is called Bleeding Tree (Dragon Blood Tree). Let’s talk about its uses and location.

An unbelievable thing happened today. A tree was cut down and it bled like humans. I mean, it shed blood. Instead of making the normal sawdust, the tree was shedding blood like human beings. Have seen that kind of tree?

I mean I saw a tree dripping blood from the body when it was cut down. The man who cut it wanted to make sure he wasn’t in a trance, he cut other parts, When it did that, the tree shed blood more.

Have you seen this kind of tree in your area? What is it called?

When the story of this bleeding was shared on social media, some people admitted they know about the tree. In fact, a social media user said the name of the tree is “Osisi Obara“, meaning, “Blood Tree”.

Others were asking the locations of the tree in Nigeria, he mentioned places and locations where the Blood Tree can be found. A town in Anambra state was mentioned among the places where one can find the tree.

Bleeding Tree (Dragon Blood Tree) Location and Uses

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About Blood Tree


Meanwhile, I made further research about the bleeding tree and I actually found out the Tree does exist. People have written about it.

According to an article published by the Editorial team in, the bleeding tree was called “Dragon Blood Tree”.

The article read;

“Can you believe that a tree bleeds? But it does happen naturally and the dragon tree is an iconic tree that is native to the Socotra archipelago, which is the part of Yemen in the Arabian Sea.

It is due to the presence of red resin, the tree gets its name from. We do know that our earth is home to many beautiful, exotic, and unusual plant species too. The tree is otherwise known as Dracaena Cinnabari and also naturally known as the “Socotra Island Dragon Blood Tree”.

Not only the appearance of the tree makes it unusual but also the release of a red sap or resin which is known as dragon blood also makes it totally one of the unusual trees on the planet”.

It is also documented and believed that Dragon Blood Tree has a history. In history, it is believed that the first blood tree was created from the blood of a Dragon, hence the name, Dragon Blood Tree.

People said the tree was created from the blood of a wounded dragon when it fought an elephant. But this is not the only story told about this mystery tree. There are other folklores and legendary tales about the blood tree.

Bleeding Tree (Dragon Blood Tree) Location and Uses

Uses and Importance of Blood Tree:

You may be wondering if there are any special uses of this tree or if it is more important than other trees. Yes, there are.

This tree shared the same attribute of human beings in terms of reacting to injuries. It secretes blood like humans and animals when injured (cut).

In history, the first person who made the first description of blood tree was  Lieutenant Wellsted of the East India Company in 1835.

The resin of the tree, in the time past, was believed to have magical power. It is also believed too to have medicinal properties.

Apart from these, people use red fluid or pigment for art. In some places, it is used as a dye used for hair or for clothes like Kampala or Adire. (tie and dye).

Blood Tree as a Medicine

Blood tree or Dragon Blood tree is a medicine on its own. According to research;

The locals or the Native medicine used the tree resins for a cure-all (Ogwo nnu oria). Greeks, Romans, and Arabs use it as a solution for looseness of the bowels, for diarrhea maladies. It is used for curing fevers and it also assists in treating ulcers in the mouth, throat, digestion tracts, and stomach.

I am not referring to years past. People have found medicine in the blood tree and they still use it for these amazing purposes today. The only difference is that people from different countries use it in different ways, according to their needs.

The Summary on the Blood Tree (Bleeding Tree).

Blood tree or Dragon Blood Tree as other people call it is one of the mysteries of creatures. It is strange to many people but it does exist.

The tree is known for shedding blood like humans when the body is cut or when a scratch is made on its body.

What do you think about this tree?

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Bleeding Tree (Dragon Blood Tree) Location and Uses