Just In: Enugu Residents in Panic as Heavy Gunshots are Fired in these 2 Places

Gunshots in Enugu City

Residents in Enugu State now live in fear as heavy gunshots are heard every now and then in the 2 popular Motor Parks and Markets in the city.

The sporadic gunshots were first heard on Wednesday Evening at Old Park in Holy Ghost. Motorists left their vehicles and took their heels. Passengers and travelers deserted the busy Park in a twinkle of an eye.

Other heavy gunshots were reported on Thursday in Old Park, Holy Ghost, and Garrick Parks.

Undisclosed sources revealed that the gunshots were fired by Cult groups who were out, looking for an erring member. Shortly after that, gunshots began to increase from different corners of the Park.

We also got informed that it was the Security who were shooting in order to disperse the cultists. The story however changed the following morning being Thursday.

Enugu Residents in Panic

Some groups of armed boys stormed Old park again, shot and killed a young man who has allegedly boarded an Ifesinachi bus, going to Lagos State.

9jainformed.com was dully informed by a source who works in the motor park who preferred to remain anonymous that the said boy that was killed was a cultist.

It was alleged that he failed the assignment given to him by his fellow cultists. He was on his way to escape the town to Lagos before he was trailed to the Motor Park and shot.

There is also an unverified story that another young man was shot in Garriki the same yesterday. A source said the boy’s mother sells rice at Garikki Market.

Ever since this incident happened, gunshots are heard in the town every now and then. People said it is coming from Security. Residents now live in fear and their movements are curtailed.

Meanwhile, business activities are going normal as usual in these two places but people are doing that with alertness. Night movements are not as it is used to.

Also, there are barricades placed on most of the Police Stations situated along the road. In fact, Motorists are not allowed passage in most of these areas once it is night, even passers-by do not cross certain boundaries.

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Insecurity Threat in Enugu State

It is not out of place to state here that every security outfit in the state is alert to the insecurity threats in the East. After the Prison break in Imo State on the 5th of April, there was an unverified rumor that some groups of men who claimed responsibility for the prison break wrote to the Enugu state government.

We were informed that Enugu State Prison will be the next to attack. And to justify this claim, the state government has been beefing up security in most of the areas vulnerable to attack.

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