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Places in the World where Rivers Turned Blood

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Places in the World where Rivers Turned Blood

In this post, we shall mention Places in the World where Rivers Turned Blood. In fact, we are going to name 5 Cities in the World where Rivers Turned Blood.

Apart from the Red Sea and the bloody River recorded in Egypt as plaque, the other place we heard of Rivers turning is in the Book of Revelation. There, we were told that when the End draws near, the Lord will send an Angel who will turn Rivers into the blood.

It just appears that the time has come. There are places in the world where Rivers turned into blood.

In 2019, a River in Enugu turned blood one morning when people woke up from beds. Many people had different things to say about the mystery River.

Some were of the opinion that the gods in charge of the River in the locale were offended. As a result, it polluted the River.

Reacting to this belief, many people argued and said it is a fallacy. In one of the posts, an Indigene of the Town where the water turned blood said;

“It was really funny hearing different talks from different people, with different natures of gullibility. It is also funny that whenever there is a strange change in nature, most black men easily think that it is related to spiritual powers.

This is one of the reasons why I believe that Africa is still far behind other continents in the world, in terms of development and other things”.

Religious Interpretation

Rivers turning blood is a strange occurrence especially in African. It was recorded in Ancient Egypt as a plaque and inform of punishment for the Egyptians for disobeying God’s instruction.

To all Christians, to see this as a sign of the End time since they have been warned to watch out for the time in the Bible.

In the Book of Revelation, John who was revealed of what will happen before the end said he saw Angels sent into the World to cause havoc due to the end of time. One of the Angels strike the River with a sword and the River turned to blood.

So, to all Christians, Rivers turning into the blood in this time is pointing to the sign of the end of the world. The time when God will come in His glory to judge the whole earth.

Scientific Interpretation

Science has its own explanation or the true reason behind this strange change in nature. They attribute Rivers turning into the blood to a micro-organism called Dunaliella Algae.

Dunaliella Algaeis said to live inside almost every river, lake, and water source. It thrives so much during the dry season.

Because of the dry season, the river started to dry out, and whenever a river is drying out, it gradually becomes warm in temperature. This warm river gradually becomes salty as the water dries out.

The organism mentioned above flourishes abundantly in a salty warm water environment. This makes them release a toxin that actually turns the water red, hence you think the water has turned to blood.

To back up this claim, they pointed that the river in the Enugu state turned to red color around that dry season of the year. The microorganism was one of the reasons the water turned red.

This research was carried out and published on the National Geographic website.

See photos of Rivers that Turned Blood, including Enugu state:

The Nsukwa River that turned red in Ghana in 2017

Places in the World where Rivers Turned Blood

 The Berdawni river that turned red in Lebanon in 2018

A river turned red in the Zhejiang province at the Eastern part of China

River in Enugu State

Places in the World where Rivers Turned Blood

The Summary on Places in the World where Rivers Turned Blood

In this post, we discussed the places in the world where Rivers turned to blood or turned red color. We also included the River in Enugu State that changed color to red in  2019.

Not only that, we gave you the general interpretations of people about the strange change in nature. We drew from Religious and scientific views. You can choose what to believe.