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Marks on Your Palm; Meaning of Letter M in Your Palm

Meaning of Letter M in Your Palm

Do you know the meaning of the letter M in your Palm? Have you taken time to look at your palm to see the type of marks you have in them? If You Have a Letter M in Your Palm, this is What it means.

Check your palm
Letter M on your palm

Palmistry is an act of reading the lines on the palms and saying what each line represents. This art started way back thousands of years ago.

The Art of Palmistry

The first Palmist was born in India, a Hindu astrologer. But the practice was first mentioned in the Chinese book.

It was used by the king to judge his military troops by reading the lines of their hand. By doing so it helped them never to lose the battle at any time.

Meanwhile, many people don’t accept this kind of belief and practice since they view it as a superstition. They show no interest whenever the topic is raised.

But, have you ever asked yourself what that letter on your palm mean? It has a deeper meaning than you could have even thought.

There are different types of marks on peoples’ palms. There some who theirs inform of “C” mark. Others have theirs inform of “M” lines.

Meaning of Letter M mark on your Palm

According to the Palmists, the people who have the letter “M” marks on their palms are very special people. The marks are only found on few people who are very special to be precise.

This set of people have very strong self-motivation and discipline. They are blessed in their careers or their line of work since they are special.

One of the best traits they have is that you can’t lie to them. This is because they can perceive it and know when someone is lying or telling the truth.

That is to say that people with the letter “M” marks on their palms have great intuition to detect lies from the truth. This intuition to detect lies is more found in women than in men.

Just look at your palm again. If you see the letter “M”, know you are blessed.

Meaning of Letter M in Your Palm