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Ugomugo: How Much Do You Know About This Fruit Called “Ugomugo”

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What is the English name for Ugomugo Fruit?

Ok, let me do a kind of update on this topic. Yesterday, I noticed a new trend of research on this fruit. The researchers were looking for the English name for Ugomugo Fruit. It is called Spondias Mombin or Yellow Mombin.

I guessed they never found the English name and it was my fault. I actually included it in the post but I failed to optimize it for searches. The English name for Ugomugo fruit is Spondias Mombin or Yellow Mombin. This fruit is like other tropical fruits found in many homes.

However, the fruit is special because of its numerous health benefits. According to, the English name for Ugomugo is Hog plum. It is called different names in different parts of Nigeria. Like: the Benin people call it Okhighan.

The Ukwuani people are the owner of the fruit’s popular name, Ugomugo. It is generally known as Ijikara or Ijikala in Igbo language. It is called Akika or Iyeye in Yoruba, Tsadar Masar in Hausa while Akan people call it Asaa.

I love Ugomugo and missed childhood days. This fruit is one of the most favorites of all fruits I love. Minus Udala or Agbalimo, mango, and Isheku, the next is Ugomugo. If you didn’t eat this fruit as a child, forget it. You missed it.

What is the English name for Ugomugo Fruit?

What is the English name for Ugomugo Fruit?
Ugomugo or Yellow Mombin
Ugomugo fruit

Ugomugo is one of the tropical Berry in western African, most popular in Eastern Nigeria. It is found in many homes. The name of the tree that harbors the fruits is called Ijikala.

The truth of the matter remains that people who plant this tree didn’t do so because of the fruits it yields. Ijikala plant is needed in every home because of the medicinal potencies of the leaves.

This is Ijikala Plant; the tree that bears Yellow Mombin or Ijikala
Ijikala Plant
This is the Ijikala plant

Ijikala plant is a medicinal herb. It is used among other things in inducing labor. Some women use it to induce abortion. Or, when a woman miscarries, the next is the ingestion of this herbal plant to help flush out the remaining fetus.

In animal rearing, the Ijikala plant is very useful when a female animal is in labor. As a child, my grandmother always sent me to fetch the leaves once the animal gave birth. The animal would be encouraged to eat the plant. Once it was eaten, the placenta would come out freely.

I am yet to find out the English or the botanical name for the Ijikala plant or Ugomugo fruit. You can educate us in the comment box section if you know.

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What is the English name for Ugomugo Fruit?