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About Buchi Emecheta— Second Class Citizen

EMECHETA, – Second class citizen (African prose)

  • Historical Background of the Novel

(What is it that provoked Buchi Emecheta to write this novel?)

  •  Setting of the novel.

About Buchi Emecheta— Second Class Citizen

This novel is a semi – autobiographical work, or a fictional autobiography. In this novel, Buchi Emecheta wrote a part of her life history, but she added a few fictitious ideas to hide that she was writing her own life experiences.
She wrote this text to show how the girl child is maltreated just because she is a girl. The females are maltreated in their fathers’ houses and in their husbands’ houses.
We can also say that this novel is advocating pleading that males and females be given equal treatment in all aspects of private and public life so it is a feminist novel.

The setting of Buchi Emecheta second class citizen is African America. The author fused both environments, culture and events in her story.