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Ijikala Leaves or Ijikala Plant and Ugomugo

Ijikala Leaves or Ijikala Plant and Ugomugo

 Ijikala leaves and inducing labor in Pregnancy.

Why are people researching Ijikala Leaves or Plant and Ugomugo on my blog? I woke up this morning and discovered that readers are researching Ijikala leaves or plants and Ugomugo. I also noticed they are making inquires on the health benefits and how to use Ijikala leave to induce labor in pregnancy.

Ijikala is one of the local plants found in typical African homes and bushes. As a homegirl, I have observed that this medicinal tree is gown at home due to its health benefits at home.

The first thing you should know about this leaf is that it comes from the tree that produces Ugomugo fruit. Ugomugo fruit is one of the most sought-after fruits by children. See the photos below.

Ijikala Leaves or Ijikala Plant and Ugomugo

Ijikala plant/Leaves

Ijikala fruit locally known as UGOMUGO

Ijikala Fruit (Ugomugo)

The images above are  Ijikala” plant and fruit. Ugomugo or Spondias Mombin or Yellow Mombin is like other tropical fruits found in many homes.

However, the fruit is special because of its numerous health benefits. According to, the English name for Ugomugo is Hog plum. It is called different names in different parts of Nigeria. Like: the Benin people call it Okhighan.

The Ukwuani people are the owner of the fruit’s popular name, Ugomugo. It is generally known as Ijikara or Ijikala in Igbo language. It is called Akika or Iyeye in Yoruba, Tsadar Masar in Hausa while Akan people call it Asaa.

It is a delicious fruit and a popular demand at that by every kid during our time. It shares the same taste with the local udala (bush berry) but there is no sour or bitter taste associated with it. We eat the meat on the seed and threw the seeds away just like the agbalimo seed.

Ugomugo or Hog plum contains saponin, tannins, Resin, and Alkaloids.

Ijikala Leaves or Plant

If I wasn’t brought up in the village, I may not have known much about this plant called Ijikala. Even up till today, anywhere I go and see Ijikala plant I will be able to identify it. The reason was partly that we planted Ijikala in our compound. Another is because I was always sent to go and fetch Ijikala leaves whenever the need arose.

Ijikala leaves are like every other plant in the bush. However, it has its own unique green colour and smell. It smells good. The leaves have a thick body like hardened Ora leaves. If you are familiar with ora/oha leaves that are no longer soft.

Those leaves people remove while cooking ora soup because of ‘nkaru‘. That is exactly how Ijikala leaves look like.

Uses of Ijikala Plant or Leaves

It is a herbal medicinal plant found in the Eastern part of West Africa. It is a plant that bears the most sought-after delicious tropical berry. This berry falls into the fruits category. So, it gives vitamin nutrients.

One of the health benefits of the Ijikala Plant or leaves is that it is used Locally to Induce Labour in Pregnancy. This is for both animals and humans.

Ijikala leaves are also used for the natural and smooth deliverance of the placenta. That is when birth has taken place and the placenta is yet to come. Ijikala leaves are given to the person and in a few seconds, the placenta will come out by itself.

This is not a tale-tale. I have personally administered it to animals who gave birth and needed to deliver the placenta.

It is also used on a human. This leaf is not good for a pregnant woman. It induces pregnancy at any stage. So, those who are using it ensure that they are termed.

Ingestion of Ijikala leaves during early pregnancy always results in spotting and bleeding and eventually terminates the pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Ijikala leaves and Ugomugo

  • It is used to get rid of Fibroid

People boil the seed together with immature palm nuts. When it cools, they drink the water thrice daily for ten days.

  • Cataract

Crush the fresh leaves and press out the juice. Add one teaspoonful of lime juice to two teaspoonfuls of this juice extracted. Apply a drop to the eyes twice daily.

This extract has yielded positive results in the treatment of cataracts.

  • Gonorrhea

Bring the fresh leaves to boil and drink one glassful thrice daily.

How to use Ijikala Leaves to Induce Labor in Pregnancy

Because people are asking how to use ijikala leaves to induce labor in pregnancy, I am going to share it here. I will share that of the animal and then the usages in the humans.

Many people know about Ugomugo but they don’t know much about the tree or the usefulness of the leaves. I know about it because I was raised in the village by an old woman. Ijikala leaves are given to animals after delivery to help induce more labor so that it can facilitate the delivery of the Placenta.

Ijikala leave is the first leave my grandmother would fetch each time our animals delivered their youngs. The animals were given the leaves to chew. Once they chewed the leaves, the placenta would be born immediately.

While the animals were pregnant, every other leaf is given to them except Ijikala leaves. Once given by mistake, it will result in stillbirth if the pregnancy has not reached full term. The animals are given the leaves to chew raw after given birth.

How to use Ijikala Leaves to Induce Labor in Pregnancy in Human

Ijikala leave is one of the herbal leaves used by the local midwifery to help kick start labor in pregnant women if the labor is delaying to come. It is used to induce pregnancy before and after labor. It may be given after delivery if there is still a retaining part of the Placenta in the uterus.

I am also aware too that young girls use this plant leave to induce abortion. Since it can be used to kick start labor, it can also be used to get rid of unwanted pregnancy.

For the local midwifery, Ijikala leaves are given raw to pregnant women to kick start labor. The leaves are grinding and press out the juice. The juice is what they give to their pregnant patient to drink, either to kick start labor, or to make intensify labor, or to deliver the placenta after childbirth.

Ijikala Leaves Tea

There are many occasions when we heard about people who got rid of their unwanted pregnancies in the village. As a growing child, I was very inquisitive.

Many times, neighbors came to our house to pick Ijikala leaves even when their goats or sheep have not given birth. Even, some of them were yet to own any animal they came to collect Ijikala leaves from our Ijikala plant. “What were they doing with the leaves”?

They were making tea with it for drinking. These people were women; mothers, young girls, and runs girls who lived nearby.

It is used just the way Scent leave tea is used. Just wash the leaves with clean water and put them in a pot. Pour enough quantity of water and begin to boil.

Boil for 10 minutes and allow the water to cool. Collect the water in a bottle or flask. Take a glass morning, afternoon, and night. Within 36 hours, there will be visible spotting.

The Sum on Ijikala Leaves or Ijikala Plant and Ugomugo

If there is nothing you learn here, you have learned the English name for Ugomugo. Do not join the group of people who say the fruit does not have an English name. It is called Hog Plum. Also, the botanical name for this plant is “Xylopia aethiopica”.