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Trumpology 102 (Election)

Trumpology 102 (Election). This is all about the resident of the US, his style of leadership, and what lies ahead in the coming election. It’s a course to study

Trumpology 102
Photo by Anas Badran from Pexels

I will score high grades in this course.

Believe me when I say this because recently, I took an examination in some topics in this course without studying a script. I say script.

In this course, there are no handouts or textbooks. It is scripted all the way. I hit the score one hundred all over a hundred.

 I passed without reading. I just guessed the answers!

I am now fully interested. I am going in for a full course. I desire to have it included in my certificate.

Trumpology 102.

I have mastered the scheme of work but one. I have read them and the patterns. The politics of lies and propaganda are in unit one. Inconsistency one and two, Twitter handle and Oral diarrhea management are the major topics.

I have read, circled, and crossed all the major topics but one. One topic is holding me ransom. It is Trumpology 102 (Election). But I am going around it.

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