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New Changes and Features On Medium: You Should Know Them

Medium Greeted Me Today

“Good evening”— It’s all about new changes. I like this one

New changes and features on Medium
Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

People say that salutation is no love. But salutation is a showing of courtesy and it leads to the doorway to friendliness. Medium has included this feature as parts of its new changes. It is the first word on the feature page, at the topmost.

For the past few days, I have been noticing one change or the other on Medium. First, it was the new policy about the writers’ right to their published articles. This new policy was misunderstood or so I thought. It raised a little dust and latter settled. Thanks to brave writers who asked questions and those who challenged the new policy.

I woke up the first day in September and saw that all my articles in my stats have disappeared. Days later, they began to appear one by one as they were read and they earned. It was a new rule. It states that only read articles with earnings will be reflected in the stats. This means, your stat can remain empty at the beginning of every month to the end if there is no earning on your published articles.

This week, I saw another new phase in the changes. All the not-curated scars on all my published articles got disappeared. No, the icon has been hidden or disabled.

I am going to miss my promise-and-fail boyfriend. I mean this;

“Hang tight. Your story is being processed”.

 The empty fully loaded double-barrel has been dislodged from my articles. Its visible reign is over on my published articles. It is better. Now, I can mourn my loss without a reminder and I can celebrate without anticipating.

This week too, I saw all the publications which I followed, knitted together in a circle, in the center, under the metered paywall. At a glance, I could see how many recent articles were published in them.

Oh! I am forgetting something. My name is now hidden in my featured articles. Writers’ identity is replaced with the name of the publication where the story was submitted. You can see the name of the author only when you click on the article.

I mean, look at all the stories on the metered paywall, the featured stories on the medium page, none has the author’s name. It is all about the publications where the stories were published.

And today, Medium greeted me. This is another new feature. I mean, I just saw it today. It is all about changes, new changes. We are waiting for more changes.

But for this greeting, the salutation at the top, I like it.

“Good evening to you too”.