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If it had not been the Lord on our side Psalm 124: 1 (Sermon)

By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I chose this year, 2023 women conference theme from the book of Psalm 124 verse 1. If it had not been the Lord on our side (Sermon), translated, “A SI NA OBUGHI JEHOVAH”.  Read also:I Know Who I am 1 Peter 2: 9 Sermon

When I was reading the Nigerian News on my address, I mentioned that the heat is on and high in our country and all over the world but how the children of God survive it is what I can’t explain. These ugly experiences we face daily inspired me to choose this theme for this year conference, if the Lord had not been on our side.

The theme is taken from Psalm 124 from verse 1 to 4. Let’s read from the Amplified version:

“1 If it had not been the Lord Who was on our side—now may Israel say—

2 If it had not been the Lord Who was on our side when men rose up against us,

3 Then they would have quickly swallowed us up alive when their wrath was kindled against us;

4 Then the waters would have overwhelmed us and swept us away, the torrent would have gone over us.”

If it had not been the Lord on our side Psalm 124: 1 (Sermon)
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If it had not been the Lord on our side Psalm 124: 1 (Sermon)

 Dear sisters and fathers in God,  theme or the topic, “A si na obughi Jehovah (If the Lord was not on our sides)” draws its essence from the timeless wisdom found in Psalm 124:1. This verse encapsulates a profound truth that resonates with each and every one of us. It speaks to the remarkable impact of divine intervention in our lives, reminding us of the immeasurable power and boundless love of our Creator.

When we ponder the words of Psalm 124:1, we are compelled to reflect on our own journey and the challenges we have faced. Each of us has encountered moments of great adversity—those times when it seemed as if all hope was lost, when the weight of the world threatened to overwhelm us. But in those very moments, we must pause and acknowledge the awe-inspiring reality that the Lord was, indeed, on our side.

Imagine, for a moment, a world without divine presence, a life devoid of heavenly guidance. The psalmist paints a vivid picture of the calamity that would ensue if the Lord had not been with us when people attacked us. It is a stark reminder of the darkness and destruction that would have swallowed us alive, had it not been for His unwavering protection.

The truth is, we have all experienced the grace of God working in our lives. We have witnessed the miraculous unfold before our eyes, the torrents of chaos diverted, and the floods of despair turned into streams of hope. It is in these moments that we realize the enormity of His love and the magnitude of His power. We are reminded that we are not alone, that the Creator of the universe stands by our side, ready to carry us through every storm.

In this place, we have individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Each of us has a unique story—a story of triumph over adversity, of resilience in the face of unimaginable odds. Today, we gather to share these stories, to celebrate the victories that would not have been possible without the Lord on our side. If it had not been the Lord on our side Psalm 124: 1 (Sermon).


Background of Psalm 124: 1- 4

From another version, “If the Lord had not been on our side—let Israel say— if the Lord had not been on our side when people attacked us, they would have swallowed us alive when their anger flared against us; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us.”

In these verses, we find a heartfelt expression of gratitude and awe towards the Lord for His unfailing protection and deliverance. The psalmist invites the people of Israel to join in acknowledging the immense goodness and faithfulness of God.

The background of this psalm is likely rooted in the historical experiences of the Israelites, who often faced numerous threats and enemies throughout their journey. It serves as a reminder of their dependence on God and how His intervention made all the difference in their lives.

The psalm begins with the contemplation of what would have happened if the Lord had not been by their side. It’s an acknowledgment of the peril they faced and the potential devastation that could have befallen them. The psalmist vividly describes the intensity of the situation, likening it to being swallowed alive or overwhelmed by a torrential flood.

However, amidst this acknowledgement of danger, there is an overpowering sense of gratitude. The psalmist affirms that it was God’s presence and intervention that saved them from their adversaries. It is a declaration that their survival and victory were not a result of their own strength or strategies but were solely due to the Lord’s unwavering protection.

This realization inspires awe and deepens their trust in God. It strengthens their faith as they recognize that, time and time again, the Lord has proven Himself to be their refuge and deliverer. The psalmist invites the people to remember this truth and acknowledge the significant role God played in their survival.

Psalm 124:1-4 serves as a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and encourages us to trust in Him completely. It reminds us to acknowledge and give thanks for His intervention in our lives, recognizing that without His presence, the trials we face would have consumed us. Let us draw strength from this psalm, knowing that the Lord is on our side, ready to guide us through every storm and lead us to victory. Read also:
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If it had not been the Lord on our side Psalm 124: 1 (Sermon)


  1. God, our Solution: If it had not been the lord on our sides; remember those times the enemy came to steal, to kill and destroy…. What did the Lord do? When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lordwill lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19b


  1. God, Our shield: A si na obughi Jehovah onye nonyeere anyi; remember those times when the plotter plotted for our downfall. What did He do? He frustrates the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot carry out their plans. Job 5: 12.


  1. God, our Battle axe: If the Lord had been on our sides; those times when the battles were raging in our families, in our marriages, when Satan was bargaining for the souls of our children. What did the Lord do? — Praise be to the Lordmy Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1


  1. God, our sufficiency: A si na obughi Jehovah; remember those times of Lack, Hunger and Thirst; what did he do? He came through in Psalm 23: 2. We did not faint or die of hunger because He makes me to lie down in the green pasture. And when we thirst, He leads us beside the still waters.


  1. God our Helper: If it had not been the Lord who was on our sides, that times when the friends we trust, when our loved ones disappointed us. When, even our parents or husbands could not help us. Jehovah came through for us in Psalm 121. We lifted our eyes to the hills and our Helps came from the Lord who made heaven and earth. The Jehovah who does not sleep or slumber.
  2. God of impossibility: A si na obughi Jehovah onye nonyeere anyi; remember that year, there was a total lockdown, a strange deadly virus was ravaging the face of the earth. We, Africans, you and I, were stamped a wiped race. The Whites said we got no hope because we got no medical equipment to save us. But what did this God do? — Way maker, Miracle worker, promise keeper, light in my darkness. My God, that is who you are… He kept His word in Psalm 91:7. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.”


Which will I say and which will I leave out? What about the EndSARS lockdown, how did we survive? What about the just past no Naira heat? Mana Jehovah nonyeere anyi.

If it had not been the Lord on our side Psalm 124: 1 (Sermon)

  1. God, our Peace: If it had not been the Lord by your sides, when the unfriendly friends ganged up against us, when sickness came like torrents, when confusion locked in like darkness, we would have been swallowed up by them. But what did He do? He came through for us. He said, my child, I will fight for you and you shall hold your Peace. Exod 14: 14.


Finally, my friends, fathers and mothers in the Lord, as we engage in meaningful conversations, let us remember the lessons we have learned from our own experiences. Let us be inspired by the undeniable truth that our lives have been forever altered by the presence of the divine. And let us embrace our responsibility to be beacons of hope and agents of change in a world that so desperately needs it.

May this conference be a catalyst for renewed faith, for the deepening of our understanding, and for the strengthening of our resolve. Let us leave here empowered, knowing that the Lord is on our side, and with His guidance, we can overcome any obstacle, scale any mountain, and fulfill our highest calling.