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Ara Agbaala Slang, meaning and Originator

What is Ara Agbaala Slang, meaning and Originator? Ara agbaala this or that is trending on social media. People who are not conversant with Igbo language are searching for the meaning. Ara Agbaala Slang, meaning and Originator. Ara in Igbo language means breast or madness. It means madness which can also means frustration. Read also; Zukwanu ike Igbo Slang – Meaning and Originator

First of all, why are people using ara agbaala ya slang? The slang is not a new word. It is an Igbo language that has been in used. But recently after the 2023 Gubernatorial and the House of Rep elections the word started trending as they use it to make caricature of some Politicians who think Nigeria belongs to them. They have been in the politics for ages and refused to give way for others to come into power.

Ara agbaala… started trending when the former Governor of Enugu, His Excellency Chimaroke Nnamani lost election to an unknown candidate. He began to rant on the media, pointing accusing finger on Mr Peter Obi, saying, he is the cause of his lost.

The use of the slang escalated and also used on others who showed bad acts.

Ara Agbaala Slang, meaning and Originator

No one originated Ara agbaala ya slang. It is an Igbo language. It literally means running mad, going banana, going paranoid, loosing sanity. Ara agbaala ya means he or she has gone mad.

In pidgin English, they say,  e don crase finish. But in the real sense, when they say ara agbaala… it means the person has been finished.

What is the meaning of the slang, ara agbaala ya? It means he is completely finished and gone. See what people are saying on social media about the slang: