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Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer

Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer. See too the Day 15, Day 16 War Against Haman Jan 21-days fasting 2023




1 KINGS 18:23-24 says: “Let them therefore give us two bullocks, and let them choose one bullock for themselves, and cut it in pieces, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under: and I will dress the other bullock, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under. And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the LORD: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God.” Wow! “AND THE GOD THAT ANSWERETH BY FIRE, LET HIM BE GOD.” In other words. Elijah was saving: “LET FIRE SETTLE THIS MATTER!” There

are battles that only “DIVINE FIRE” can settle. Some battles don’t respond to water. Some don’t respond to shouting. Yes, there are stubborn and sophisticated battles that may not respond to ordinary prayer or faithless words. They may not even respond to praise and worship. Such battles need the superior force of FIRE. ONE OF THE WEAPONS OF OUR SPIRITUAL WARFARE IS “DIVINE. HOLY GHOST UNSEEN FIRE.” Fire burns, fire destroys, fire purifies and fire preserves. In this fasting programme and indeed this year, God will purify and preserve you with His fire, but He will raise down the gates of hell and destroy every enemy insulting your life, family and ministry by His fire! One of the appearances and manifestations of God in scriptures is through fire.

He appeared to Moses by fire in Exodus 3. He was a Pillar of Fire by night to the children of Israel in the wilderness. He appeared to the children of Israel on Mount Sinai in the countenance of fire. Oh! He raptured prophet Elijah with chariots of fire. Ah! God is fire personified! In Hebrews 12:29, the Bible reveals that “GOD IS ACONSUMING FIRE!” And the consuming fire answered Elijah by fire! Note that the battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal was a battle between gods. It was a battle for power, supremacy and sovereignty of “WHICH GOD IS TRUE?” Elijah said God was in charge; the prophets of Baal said no, Baal was in charge! And the only thing capable of solving the problem and dissolving all doubts was “FIRE!” Elijah said: “AND THE GOD THAT ANSWERETH BY FIRE, LET HIM BE GOD.” Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer.

I prophesy: That stubborn health, marital and financial battle shall answer to fire this year. Whatever has defied solutions in your life and destiny in yesteryears, shall bow to the FIRE OF GOD! Yes! The FIRE OF GOD shall raise down the root of any battle confronting you and victory shall be your portion in 2023. Weep no more because FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT THIS YEAR in Jesus name. I decree: The God that silenced the mouth of Baal shall silence the mouth of any demonic power or personality around you this year! No STRANGE FIRE is permitted to fall on your life/ministry. Any strange fire bringing INSULTS or REPROACH into your space shall be swallowed up by the FIRE OF GOD! Oh, shout halleluiah! Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer

Today and indeed at the WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE, “FIRE SHALL FALL.” .Sow your “FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT” seed today and pray the PROPHETIC PSALMS/PRAYERS that will be sent to you for 3 weeks and also be at the January 28lh WORLD ANOINTING-INSULT-TO RESULTS-SERVICE – 12pm at the MANNA MOUNTAIN WORSHIP CENTER OGUDU ORIOKE (JEHOVAH ‘OVER DO’ CENTER) VIA OJOTA, LAGOS, NIGERIA. FIRESHALLSETTLE IT this year! BRING SAND (from your place of residence, business space, office, career, ancestral home (if possible), etc, TO THAT SERVICE /PROGRAMME! This is your year! Pray seriously now!

Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer

  1. LORD, I thank You for the opportunity to come to You today.
  2. Father, show me Your face today and light my paths in Jesus
  3. Powers that hinder prayers and make a mockery of prayer time, be arrested now by fire.
  4. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, I welcome You today; take over this atmosphere now.
  5. John 14:30; My life and ministry shall not be a dumping ground for the devil today/this year in Jesus name.
  6. Vs 30; By the Blood of Jesus, Satan, you have nothing in me There shall be open heavens.
  7. Vs 30; I cannot be accused by any demonic prince; O Blood of Jesus speak for me.
  8. Lord, visit me today and upturn any handwriting against my expectations now by fire.
  10. Numbers 14:28; O Lord, as I call upon You today, answer me by fire in Jesus name.
  11. Vs 28; My Father, my Father, visit the f9undation of my battles with Your fire and let them be no more in Jesus name.
  12. Vs 28; 0 God, let my battles become a desolation; answer me by fire in Jesus name.
  13. Vs 28; I shall see the end of this battle (mention it now); fire shall settle it this year in Jesus name.
  14. Vs 28; 0 fire of God, burn to ashes whatever God has not planted in my life and ministry in Jesus name.
  15. Vs 28; You sickness and disease in my body, receive fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name.
  16. Job 5:12; Lord, settle satanic courts with Your fire this year; abort their agenda and scatter their judgments in Jesus name.
  17. Vs 12; O Lord, settle every witchcraft coven sitting to decide my destiny in 2023 with Your fire and let them burn to ashes in Jesus name.
  18. Isaiah 64:1; 0 God, REND THE HEAVENS and come down with Your fire against any ancestral covenant that has refused to let me go in Jesus name.
  19. Vs 1; 0 God, RENDTHE HEAVENS and rain down YOUR FIRE to break any hidden curse hovering over my life and ministry in Jesus name.
  20. 1 Kings 18:24; THE GOD OF ELIJAH IS MY GOD! Lord, answer my battles by fire this year to show that I serve a living God in Jesus name.
  21. Vs 24; I will not cover my face in shame this year because FIRE SHALL SETTLE THIS CASE (mention that stubborn case now); expire, expire, expire and expire now in Jesus name.
  22. Vs 24; My enemies must cover their heads in shame this year because FIRE” shall answer them and visit their secret places for destruction in Jesus name.

    Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer

  23. Vs 38; THE GOD OF ELIJAH IS MY GOD! O LORD, those who have concluded my case will be shocked by what You will do with my life this year in Jesus name.
  24. Vs 38; Fl RE SHALL SETTLE IT TH IS YEAR; sudden and untimely death, scatter, scatter, scatter, and scatter now in Jesus name.
  25. Vs 38; FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT THIS YEAR; laboring without results, spirit of-failure, catch fire, catch fire and catch fire in Jesus name.
  26. Vs 38; FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT THIS YEAR; rise and fall, poverty, delay and demotion etc, I am not your candidate, break by fire. Restoration is my name.
  27. John 1:46; THE ‘COME AND SEE’ GOD is my God; O God, envelop my life, family and ministry with unquestionable results this year in Jesus name.
  28. Vs 46; 0 God, something good shall come out of my career, business, family and ministry. FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT in Jesus
  29. Vs 46; 0 God, do a thing in my life that people will come and see this year and confess that I serve a mighty God.
  30. 2 Kings 1:10; Lord, separate me from my battles this year by Your Fire. Consume every battle by fire in Jesus name.
  31. Vs 12; Father, separate me from my enemies by Your Fire. Let Your fire settle it in Jesus name.
  32. Vs 12; My Father, my Father, let Your fire settle me this year; consume every mountain standing on my way of success and progress in Jesus name.
  33. Vs 12; 0 God, send the fire that will be an answer to my troubles and turn me into a wonder in Jesus name.
  34. FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT! Lord, settle those who have ganged up against me with Your fire; they shall run mad this year in Jesus name.
  35. In Jesus name, you powers of the grave hunting my destiny, receive fire and scatter.
  36. I shall not labour in vain, fire shall answer every waster. Lord settle my financial battles with Your fire in Jesus name
  37. “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN; IF YOU THINK YOU CANNOT, THEN YOU CANT!” 0 Lord, settle my health battles with Your fire; I shall not die before my time in Jesus name.
  38. They shall not laugh at me this year; Lord, settle every mocker with Your fire in Jesus name.
  39. FIRE SHALL SETTLE IT! I refuse to be under the attack of the powers of darkness concerning my family and children in Jesus
  40. I return to sender satanic arrows targeting my rising and divine 0 Lord, answer by fire in Jesus name.
  41. Isaiah 40:26; My Father, my Father, my Father, this insult shall not survive Your power this year (Mention that area of insult now and command it to reverse by fire).
    them and loose uncommon results now that will insult your
  43. PRAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL WRITTEN EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS YEAR! Loose results, answers and instant miracles now!
  44. Glory to God! THERE SHALL BE DAYTIME (12PM) PHYSICAUONLINE GATHERING of all ODM users to break the fast this year, at the last-day WORLD ANOINTING INSULT TO RESULT SERVICE at the MANNA MOUNTAIN WORSHIP CENTER OGUDU ORIOKE (JEHOVAH ‘OVER DO’ CENTER) V1AOJOTA, LAGOS, NIGERIA-12pm Saturday 28th January, 2023. Get ready! Something GREAT is about to happen!
  45. Pray about the WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE (WAS) now. O Lord, results shall be my name by fire.
  46. Loose journey mercies and immigration visas for travelers within and around the world.
  47. Pray for me Dr. Chris for fresh unction and GRACE!
  48. 0 Lord, I shall not break this fast now! I shall sow my INSULT TO RESULT PROPHETIC SEED again this year and pray the Psalms/prayers I will be sent. I decree that my SEED shall yield RESULTS by fire.
  49. Ecclesiastes 11:1; Lord, as I sow my INSULT to RESULT SEED in this fasting programme, every INSULT shall suffer a setback concerning my destiny in Jesus name (Pray it very well).
  50. Vs 1; Father, as I sow this seed, remember me for good and overturn this/these battle(s) in Jesus name (MENTION IT/THEM).
  51. Vs 1; This SEED shall be the burial ground of whatever is called INSULT in my life, family and ministry in Jesus name.

    Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer

  52. Vs 1; My Father, my Father, my SEED and the PROPHETIC PSALMS I will sent to pray for 3 weeks, shall swallow this situation by fire this year (mention that situation now). I shall not sow in vain; there shall be results in Jesus name.
  53. Vs 1; Blessings that money cannot buy, I am your candidate; locate me as T sow my seed in this fasting programme in Jesus

DECLARE THE FOLLOWING BY FAITH NOW: This 2023, my STAR is rising again. I shall see the end of EVERY INSULT and no INSULT/ REPROACH shall see my end and whether the devil likes it or not, I shall produce results in 2023. I shall sow my prophetic INSULT to RESULT seed that will cancel insults from my life, ministry and destiny even as I pray the Psalms that I will be sent. By the grace of God, I shall be at the DAYTIME, WORLD ANOINTING-INSULT-TO- RESULT SERVICE at the MANNA MOUNTAIN WORSHIP CENTER OGUDU ORIOKE (JEHOVAH ‘OVER DO1 CENTER) VIA OJOTA, LAGOS NIGERIA – 12pm Saturday 28th January, 2023.

Thank God for answered prayers! This is my year.

write down the things you Don’t want In 2023! We shall tear them at the WORLD  ANOINTING INSULT TO  RESULT SERVICE.



Actions have consequences and to reap the HARVEST you dream of, you must sow the seeds! It’s a SPIRITUAL LAW! Ask successful FARMERS and they will tell you that NOTHING grows in their fields without DILIGENT SEED PLANTING! If they just sat around only praying and meditating, THEY WOULD LOSE THE FARM! In this fasting programme, DILIGENTLY PLANT YOUR SACRIFICIAL PROPHETIC “INSULT TO RESULTS SEED” AS LED. Then Pray the Psalms you will be sent! I prophesy: YOU SHALL NOT LOSE YOUR FARM! You shall not pray in vain and you shall see HARVESTS (RESULTS) in Jesus mighty name!

Day 17, Day 18 War Against Haman Jan 2023 Fasting/Prayer