You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023. Did you miss the Day 11 and 12 War Against Haman 21 Days Fasting/ Prayer Jan 2023?



1 SAMUEL 17:8-11, 32-51; LUKE 5:1-7; PSALM 43:5; 1 SAMUEL 30:1-19

One thing that is common among record breakers like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edis9n, Martin Luther King Jnr. etc, is the fact that they did not allow their adversity or failure to swallow them up. Great people most often than not experience breakdowns in life, but the difference is that they refuse to stay down. It is one thing to break down and another thing to stay down. No wonder William Arthur Ward penned: “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” You can either break adversity or allow it to break you.

So, Record Breakers break or shatter adversity and turn failure to fortune! Job 22:29 says: “When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, there is lifting up…” I decree: No adversity shall cast you down or BREAK YOU DOWN this year! You shall break records and no demonic record, health record, financial record or marital record shall break you in Jesus name! Scripturally speaking, one of the record breakers of all time is the man popularly called King David. The first ground breaking record of David was his conquest and victory over Goliath, the champion of the Philistines! This battle was the battle for superiority, dominion and control. The winner was to rule over, dominate and control the loser. It was the battle for the power of God and that of the Philistine gods.

David represented God and Goliath represented the gods of the Philistines. But this is the shocker: God used 17-year-old David to teach a great and unbeatable champion, Goliath, a big lesson. In this year 2023, God will teach every Goliath in your life the lesson they will never forget. Remember that King Saul and the armies of Israel including the elder brothers of David, went into hiding when Goliath showed up. AH! GOLIATH INSULTED AND HUMILIATED EVERYONE IN ISRAEL BUT LITTLE DAVID HUMILIATED HIM WITH THE MIGHTY RESULT OF CUTTING OFF HIS HEAD. Oh! What the PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS in Israel could not do, David did. He broke an all-time record.


The WORLD ANOINTING INSULT TO RESULTS SERVICE, the LORD will insult your insults! THE LORD will do what He did for Peter! The God who moved Peter from the INSULT OF NO FISH to the RESULT OF MULTITUDE OF FISHES is still alive. The God who moved Peter FROM BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH is your God! Yes, Peter broke the demonic record of stagnation and I prophesy: As the Lord liveth, you will not break down this year; you shall break records and BREAKTHROUGH shall be your name.

Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

Sow your, “I SHALL BREAK RECORDS” SEED that will bury every breakdown and give life to your breakthrough experience during this fasting programme and beyond! There shall be ONLINE/PHYSICAL GATHERING of all ODM users to break the fast this year, at the last-day WORLD ANOINTING INSULT TO RESULT SERVICE at the MANNA PRAYER MOUNTAIN WORSHIP CENTER (JEHOVAH OVERDO CENTER) OGUDU ORlOKE, VIA OJOTA, LAGOS, NIGERIA – 12pm Saturday 28th January. 2023 in Lagos and all our mountains worldwide. This is your year! THAT FIRST OF ITS KIND TESTIMONY IS COMING FROM YOU in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Pray seriously now!

Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

  1. Revelation 4:11; 0 Lord, I give You glory, honour and power for the privilege to appear before You today.
  2. Vs 11; Lord, thank You for this day You have made for me to
  3. Father, may Your name be glorified and exalted today; will encounter Your presence in a special way.
  4. Isaiah 60:11; Lord, open up the floodgates of heaven and rain on me Your power and deliverance now in Jesus name
  5. Vs 11; 0 Lord, today shall not be an exception; I arrest negative powers on assignment around my vicinity now in Jesus name.
  6. Vs 11; 0 eternal gates of my RESULT GALORE, open for me now and launch me into a result-oriented 2023 in Jesus name.
  7. Vs 11; Any gate of INSULT open for me this year, I command you to shut down now by fire in Jesus name.
  8. Vs 11; Satan hear this: You cannot close my result and breakthrough gates this year; they shall be opened continuously in Jesus name.
  9. Isaiah 61:1; The record breaker anointing is upon me this year; I will do the undoable in Jesus name.
  10. Vs1; By the anointing of the Holy Ghost, I cannot be insulted this
    year; demonic agents of insult die, die and die in Jesus name.
  11. Vs 1; I AM A RECORD BREAKER, I will do the unthinkable; my life shall shock my mockers in Jesus name.
  12. Vs 1; 0 Spirit of the Lord, work wonders this year; my life shall command results that will insult my enemies in Jesus name.
  13. Philippians4:13; I can do all things this year, I shall break records, I will change the status quo by fire in Jesus name. Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023.
  14. Vs 13;0 God, empower me with Your wisdom to break free from limiting factors and agents positioned against my life this year in Jesus name.
  15. Vs 13; Lord, I receive supernatural strength to break records in my chosen field or career. I will shine this year in Jesus name.
  16. Vs 13; the record that has not been broken in my family, I shall break it this year. Lord, I shall break generational record in Jesus
  17. Vs 13; I refuse to give up, I shall not quit; my best days are still ahead, I am a record breaker in Jesus name.
  18. Isaiah 43:19; Lord, do a new thing this year that will turn me into a record breaker by fire in Jesus name.
  19. Vs 19; O Lord, it shall not be business as usual for the devil, this year shall be different. Do a new thing in this fasting programme that will disgrace every lie of the devil in my fife in Jesus name.
  20. Vs 19; O Lord, when You made a way in the wilderness, You broke a record. Father, make me a record breaker, demotion and shame shall not be my last bus-stop in Jesus name.
  21. Vs 19; Lord, do a record breaking work in my life, I shall not be stranded; a way is coming out of this wilderness in Jesus name.
  22. Vs 19; THE RIVER IN THE DESERT GOD is my God! 0 God, no problem shall defy solution this January, February, March, April, .., answers are locating me by fire.,
  23. Vs 19; There shall be RIVERS IN MY DESERT this year. My breakdowns shall provoke my breakthroughs in Jesus name.

    Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

  24. 1 Samuel 17:8; No Goliath shall insult me this year; O Lord, turn their insults into their open disgrace by fire.
  25. Vs 9; O God, turn their BOASTING to their BURSTING! 0 boaster, you shall see my God in action this year and your end shall be imminent in Jesus name.
  26. Vs 9; 0 God, let the foundation of any Goliath boasting against me collapse now by fire. I shall not bow to any demonic threat in Jesus name.
  27. Vs 10; 0 Lord, this insult must end, I declare war against any adversary of my breakthrough; die now by fire in Jesus name.
  28. Vs 11; I command every satanic intimidation meant to cause a breakdown in my life and ministry to scatter and backfire now in Jesus name.
  29. Vs 32; My heart will not fail, I confront any opposition against my breakthrough; 0 Philistine – satanic representative, die by fire in Jesus name.
  30. Vs 36; I SHALL BREAK RECORDS THIS YEAR; you powers rubbishing the God in me, fall down and die in Jesus name.
  31. Vs 43; Any curse that has given power to my breakdown experience, enough is enough; break by fire in Jesus name.
  32. Vs 43; Any evil tongue speaking curses into my life and ministry order to break me down, your end has come; backfire by fire in Jesus name.
  33. Vs 45; You demonic powers promoting breakdowns and insulting my glorious destiny, I come against you in the name of the LORD; dry up now by fire.
  34. Vs 46; O God, deliver my enemies into my hand this year, and let their agenda be aborted; I shall break records by fire.
  35. Vs 49; O Lord, I am a record breaker; O Goliath insulting my peace and joy, I smite you with the anointing of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.
  36. Vs 50; I activate the sword of God to cut off every Goliath standing in the way of my results in Jesus name.
  37. Vs 51; I AM A RECORD BREAKER; I declare operation no escape’ to any power and personality that has vowed to make my life miserable this year in Jesus name.
  38. Psalm 43:5; I refuse to be cast down, yes, I shall not break down; demoting agents, dry up by fire in Jesus name.
  39. 1 Samuel 30:3; My Father, my Father, my labour shall not be wasted this year; 0 wasters, waste yourselves and die in Jesus
  40. Vs 4; I SHALL NOT BREAK DOWN, my faith and hope will not be dashed into pieces; Lord, settle my enemies in Jesus name.
  41. Vs 4; You demonic agents of weeping and sorrow, I am not your candidate; miss my address now in Jesus name.
  42. Vs 6; Divine strategy to combat any battle in 2023, overtake me now by fire in Jesus name.
  43. Luke 5:2; The INSULT OF EMPTY NETS, empty life, empty career, empty business, your end has come; expire now by fire in Jesus
  44. Vs 2; Abba Father, my life and ministry shall not provoke emptiness; 0 emptier, empty yourself and dry up by fire.
  45. Vs 4; There shall be no breakdown this year; I LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP of my career, business and ministry for unstoppable results in Jesus name.
  46. Vs 5; Toiling without result must end this year, I curse the root of breakdowns in my life and ministry; dry up now by fire in Jesus.

    Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

  47. Vs 5; Nothingness, emptiness and lack shall not characterize my toil in 2023; O God, reverse this ugly trend by fire in Jesus name.
  48. Vs 5; Father, send me the Word that will upturn and overturn this difficult season of breakdown; breakthrough is my name in Jesus
  49. Vs 6; O God of breakthrough, give me a net-breaking harvest of success in my endeavours this year in Jesus name.
  50. Vs 6; O God, turn my breakdowns to breakthroughs; I will not labour in vain.
  51. Vs 6; My life, career, business and ministry shall produce RESULTS; I shall experience uncommon breakthroughs and break records that will not be broken in Jesus name
  52. I upturn and tear to pieces every record that my Father has not written concerning my destiny in Jesus name.
  53. Demonic records, ancestral records, health records and marital records etc, I break you now by fire in Jesus name.
  54. Isaiah 40:26; My Father, my Father, my Father, this insult shall not survive Your power this year (Mention that area of insult now and command it to reverse “by fire).
  55. PRAY ABOUT THE 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR NOW! {Mention them and loose uncommon results now that will insult your insults).
  56. PRAYABOUTYOUR PERSONALWRITTEN EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS YEAR! Loose results, answers and instant miracles now!
  57. IT IS A PHYSICAL DAYTIME WORLD service! (NO night gathering this year 2023)! There will be DAYTIME PHYSICAL GATHERING at the last-day WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE at DAILY MANNA MOUNTAIN HEADQUARTERS, WORSHIP CENTER, 8 – 10 OMOTAYO BANWO STREET, OGUDU ORIOKE, VIA OJOTA, LAGOS – 12pm on Saturday January 28th! Get ready! Something great is about to happen! (Bring SAND and write what you don’t want for 2023! We shall tear them).
  58. Pray about the WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE (WAS) now. O Lord, results shall be my name by fire.
  59. Loose journey mercies and immigration visas for travelers within and around the world.
  60. Pray for me Dr. Chris for unparallel connection, affinity and partnership with my three friends (God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost).
  61. 0 Lord, I shall fast again, pray again, trust again and sow again this year. My SEED shall yield RESULTS by fire.
  62. Ecclesiastes 11:1; Lord, as I sow my INSULT to RESULT SEED in this fasting programme, insults shall suffer a setback concerning my destiny in Jesus name.
  63. Vs 1; Father, as I sow this seed today, remember me for good and overturn this battle in Jesus name.
  64. Vs 1; This SEED shall be the burial ground of whatever is called insult in my life, family and ministry in Jesus name.

    Day 13, Day 14 War Against Haman 21-days Prayer Jan 2023

  65. Vs 1; My Father, my Father, my SEED shall swallow this situation by fire this year (mention that situation now); I shall not sow in vain, there shall be results in Jesus name.
  66. Vs 1; Blessings that money cannot buy, I am your candidate; locate me as I sow my seed today/in this fasting programme in Jesus name.
  67. DECREE THIS ALOUD NOW: I know that my Redeemer lives. He lives in my life, family, ministry, career and business. And because He lives, f shall break records, upturn the status quo and break protocol this year! I shall not break down; I refuse to be discouraged and I reject anxiety, self-pity and fear of the future or failure. The evil order of laboring without result shall pass over me and my life shall provoke and produce results that cannot be denied in Jesus name. I shall see the end of EVERY INSULT!
  68. No INSULT shall see my end and whether the devil likes it or not, I shall produce results in 2023.1 shall sow my INSULTTO RESULT SEED and pray the Prophetic Psalms that I will be sent! And by the grace of God, (shall be at the WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE at the MANNA PRAYER MOUNTAIN WORSHIP CENTER (JEHOVAH OVERDO CENTER) OGUDU ORIOKE, VIA OJOTA, LAGOS, NIGERIA – 12pm January 28th, 2023, Lagos. Thank you LORD for answered prayers! This is my year! Amen! Pray in Tongues

Again as led!

Bring sand from your home, ministry, business, career or work place.

write down the things you Don’t want In 2023! We shall tear them at the WORLD  ANOINTING INSULT TO  RESULT SERVICE.


Actions have consequences and to reap the HARVEST you dream of, you must sow the seeds! It’s a SPIRITUAL LAW! Ask successful FARMERS and they will tell you that NOTHING grows in their fields without DILIGENT SEED PLANTING! If they just sat around only praying and meditating, THEY WOULD LOSE THE FARM! In this fasting programme, DILIGENTLY PLANT YOUR SACRIFICIAL PROPHETIC “INSULT TO RESULTS SEED” AS LED. Then Pray the Psalms you will be sent! I prophesy: YOU SHALL NOT LOSE YOUR FARM! You shall not pray in vain! There shall be EVIDENCE!