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Expository Essay, Format, How to write and Samples

Expository Essay, Format, How to write and Samples

Welcome to my blog. Today’s topic on English essays is Expository Essay, Format, How to write and Samples. What is expository? It means to expose, make open or reveal.

To expose means to uncover or lay something bare, or to discover something in a way that others know what it is. Expository is derived from the word exposition which means to expose. Therefore, Expository essay is a genre essay that requires the students to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and set forth an argument concerning that idea in a clear and concise manner.

Expository Essay, Format, How to write and Samples

While the writer of an argumentative essay chooses a position for or against a topic the expository essay writer explores many angles of the topic in a neutral way. Expository essay is usually written in third person. The writer is objective in presenting his facts and findings. That is, the writer does not take side. Expository essay is revealing and explanatory in nature.

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Expository Essay Format

TITLE: This is a caption given to the essay. The title is the topic of the discussion.

INTRODUCTION: This is the first paragraph of the essay. This contains the topic sentence of the essay. Three or more main ideas which will be explained in the body of the essay are also briefly stated.  Read:  “Can I Combine WAEC and NECO for Admission?”

BODY: This is the longest section of the essay. It contains three or more fully developed paragraphs. The main ideas which were briefly highlighted in the introduction are explained in each paragraph. Transition words and phrases are used in the body of the essay to help move readers from one idea to the next (example: also, another reason, in addition, secondly, etc). Read also: Letter Writings – Formal and Informal Letter

CONCLUSION: This is the closing paragraph of an essay. Here, the writer restates 3 or more main ideas discussed in the essay. He does so without repeating the exact words in the introduction. It may also end with strong statement or an appeal to the emotions.

Expository Essay Samples

  • Write an essay on the topic; Importance of sex education in the school.


School is an institution of learning and that should include sex education. One of the inherent natures of Human Beings is their sensual appetite; usually during and after puberty with the increased production of sexual secondary hormones in both male and female. This sexual drive starts becoming more real and pronounced in every young person. This nature coupled with the characteristic curiosity of young children makes it a necessity for the introduction of sex education into School curriculum.

Students even in their tender age are inquisitive about changes in their body and the sudden urge to want another so as to explore and possibly express this emotional feeling. Boyfriend and girlfriend are common words among students and video clips of students in uniform engaging in sexual intimacy abound online. With the scientific and technological advancement available through smart phones, Laptops, Decoders and other electronic gadgets there is no more secrecy or restriction of access to all kinds of information. The ease of internet access to students avail them the possibilities of watching explicit movies and browsing porn sites to satisfy their curiosity since most students are used to surfing the net in search of information and for assignment purposes.

Therefore, in the absence of sex education in School, these students will resort to pornography to get the answers they seek and appeal their senses. This singular act will be disastrous to their future which School is meant to shape and in turn lead to moral decadence in the society. In addition, we are in the world of increased paedophile and rapist activities; Students are the most vulnerable since they are young, naive and weak.

In conclusion, Sex education in Schools will help instruct the Students on how they can protect and defend themselves against such terrible people. More so, the rise in universal nude marketing with almost every product advertisement carrying scantily dressed men and women in billboards and labels as well as multiple nude scenes and dancers in many movies and musical videos has deepened.  It becomes imperative for the adoption of Sex education in School to foster moral discipline and educate the young ones on the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, the damage in early pregnancy and abortion to their lives and destiny.

Expository Essay, Format, How to write and Samples

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