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Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross – Understanding beyond Mere Words

Seven words of Jesus on the Cross

Forty days witnessing is over and we have entered the holy week. It is the commomeration of the last days of Jesus Christ on the earth before He was crucified on the cross. The Christian all over the world observe the Friday in the Holy week which is known as the Good Friday. Seven words of Jesus on the Cross

Good Friday ushers in the Easter eve. We celebrate the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. For us, if there was no cross, there won’t be celebration. That is, if Jesus didn’t give His life on the cross and died for mankind, there won’t be room for celebration.

Everyone is preparing for the Easter celebration but the big question should be;”Do we really understand what led to the big celebration of his resurrection?” I should say that we are celebrating the fulfilment of God’s word which took place on Friday which we call “Good Friday”.

In this post, we shall examine the seven words of Jesus on the cross and bring out their deeper meanings other than waht we have heard or how we them on the surface.

Seven words of Jesus on the Cross

  • The First Words of Jesus on the Cross.

  1.  “Father ,forgive them,for they do not know what they are doing ~ Luke 23:34~

This shows us that even in the time of most pain, Jesus still prayed for those who put him in that state, this prayer would have been a confirmation of his identity to those that put him in that state.

We should therefore emulate Jesus. His words and countenance on the cross has taught that no sin or offence is too great to forgive.

  • The Second Words of Jesus on the Cross

  1. “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise”~ Luke 23:43~

This statement was made to one of the robbers who was crucified with him,as he showed true repentance of his sin ,the response of Jesus was that he too would enter heaven to live in paradise that day. Unlike the other who said “aren’t you the christ save yourself and us!” this was enough to tell that he had no repentance in him.

We have learnt from this passage that opportunity can come for sinners at any time. We as christians shouldn’t be too arrogant to confess and own up our transgressions.

  • The Third Words of Jesus

  1. Woman, behold your son, son behold your mother

This is the third words of Jesus on the cross. He told John, in this way he made a new relationship between his beloved mother and beloved disciple. Jesus, probably looked in the face of His erathly mother and saw the agony of a mother. He was moved.

He demonstrated  care and love for his mother. We should note from this passage that not everyone is worth handing over preciuos task by a dying a man. The person must have shown some attributes of trust and faithfulness. We saw it in the of John the beloved. At the point when all the disciples have deserted their master for the fear of the mob, John was still standing. No wonder the Bible recorded that he was always at the chest of Jesus.

What has your friend confinded in you? Did you keep? Did you honour the trust of friendship. What has Jesus handed over to you? have you lost it due to this worldly pleasure or are you still holding it?


You May Read the Sermon on “I know Who I am (I Peter 2: 9).

Seven words of Jesus on the Cross

  • The Fourth Words of Jesus on the Cross

  1. Eli, Eli lama sabachthani” he called with a loud voice which means “My God, my God, why have you deserted me!”

One thing we should point out here is that this is the only time where Jesus addresses his father as “God” as he was in pain, he calls on him as any other believer would have called upon God,the statement “why have you deserted me “ goes against ~ Hebrews 13:5 ~TLB which says “I will never, never fail you or desert you” But Jesus could not sense his father’s presence which led to his loud cry.

*Point to note: Remember at any point you feel the pain is too much, you are not alone. Victory is coming your way. Remember, Jesus did not blasphem, He kept calling His Father in heaven. Just keep calling upon the Lord.

  • The Fifth Words

  1. “I thirst” ~ John 19:28

He made this statement in fulfilment of the Scripture, in Psalm 69:21 which says they give me poison for food; they offer me sour wine for my thirst. Now when Jesus made that statement he already knew their next action and was ready for it.

Deeper than the meaning of this words; Jesus is thirsting for lost souls. He still thirsts today. Your soul is important than the sweet wine.

  • The Sixth Words

  1. It is finished ~ John 19:30

Shouldn’t the cry of a dying man who is in great pains be; “I am finished”? But for our Jesus, it was a different thing. Nothing can finish the “Finisher of our fat”. Our transgressions, pains and deseases, He finished on the cross, making open disgrace of them.

Until this time, a system of sacrifices had atoned for sins. Only through a sacrifice of an animal could people be forgiven and come clean before God. But by this act of Jesus he became the final and ultimate sacrifice for sin . The saying it is finished could also mean paid in full. And now those who believe in him can live eternal with God and escape the penalty that comes from sin. Read more on the Sixth words of Jesus on the Cross.


  • The Seventh Words of Jesus on the Cross

  1. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit ~ luke 23:46

To commit means to pledge alliance. It also means to promise, Jesus used this words as he breathed his last to show he had full dependence in God.

Remember, in all you do, commit them in the hands of God. Our God is faithful and able to keep all things.

The Summary