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Breaking: Unknown Gunmen Killed “INEC Chairman” in Anambra along his Escort (VIDEO)

Unknown Gunmen Killed “INEC Chairman” in Anambra along his Escort (VIDEO)

A disturbing video has been circulating on the internet with a tag and voice over ” unknown gunmen killed INEC Chairman and his Police Escort”. This sad eveven was said to take place today but the location of the scene is yet unknown as the person who shared the video refused yo mention the location of the crime scene. Unknown Gunmen Killed “INEC Chairman” in Anambra along his Escort (VIDEO).


From the video, a dead body of a police Escort was seen lying in the pool of his own blood . It appeared he ran out of the vehicle before he was shot on the his stomach. The victim who was referred as the INEC chairman was shot inside his car on the head.

It also appeared he was carrying electoral materials in the vehicles before he met his untimely death. As at the time of filing this report, it is yet to be clarified the real identity of the victim and his real political portfolio.

Meanwhile, the Indegeniuos People of Biafra (IPOB) has declraed no electio in Anambra State unless the Federal Geovernment releases their Leader, Maazi Nnamdi Kanu. To further show their seriuossness over the threat, they have planned to carry out one week Sit-at-Home which will start on November till November 9, 2021.

Recall that last month, killings by Unknown Gunmen was set at gear in Anambra. In Nnobi, Nnewi and Utuh, politicians were attacked while the unlucky ones were killed.

Unknown Gunmen Killed "INEC Chairman" in Anambra


News Today: Anambra Election 2021; Gunmen Attack

Unknown gunmen are out in the streets and communities enforcing no-election in the Anambra protest. Anambra news Today – Unknown Gunmen Strike

With what is happening now, I doubt the election will actually hold come November 6. It has been rumored that the Guber candidate of Labour Party Obiora Agbasimelo has been abducted by unknown gunmen to an unknown destination.

In Nnobi today, Hon Azubogu, a member of House of Rep lost his driver, and his vehicles set ablaze. Also in Nnewi south, 2 men were shot at Utuh. They were on their way to a Political campaign at Ukpor all in Nnewi South.

Anambra news Today - Unknown Gunmen Strike
Breaking news Anambra state

WATCH THE Video VIDEO HERE (This Video may contain graphic Images).  See the video at the end of this post ⇓

On a similar development, a man who returned from the city in Anambra state for a court sitting has recounted how he narrowly escaped death at the hands of the unknown gunmen. He was said to be trailed from Nnewi where he finished from the court.

According to the information reaching us from reliable sources, the victims are mainly politicians and their supporters. You are in trouble if you run into them and be found with any election or political campaign materials like Political Party ID Card, Party Cap or Polo.

From the video above, we saw that the second victim was wearing a political party cap while the first was putting on the same party vest. It was also confirmed they were on their way to attending a political party campaign going on at Ukpor, Nnewi South, Anambra state.

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Unknown Gunmen Killed “INEC Chairman” in Anambra along his Escort (VIDEO)