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ROSE for DECORATIONS – How to Choose the right Rose in Your Decoration for Occasions

How to Choose the Right Rose in your decoration for occasions

For those who are into decorations for different occasions, Roses are not just a way to show love: they also have other meanings to their use. The excessive use of roses in love settings has given it a stereotype that makes people feel roses used only by people who want to express their love or affection towards another. How to choose the right Rose in your decoration for occasions.

Last week, we were engrossed with the lectures on dog food. We took our time to make posts on how to train and take care of dogs. In this article and ones coming, we are shifting our attention to something important. We want to talk about how to choose the right Rose in your decoration for occasions.

When we mean say Roses, we mean all types of Rose flowers in decorations. According to the University of Illinois, Roses were first cultivated in China about 5,000 years ago. Royal empire used roses in their celebrations, traditional rites, and perfumes. In the Roman empire, their monarchs used Roses to signify royalty.

But, Roses carry not only positive messages; it also connotes negative things. Sometimes roses are used in situations like funerals and sympathizing.



This article will walk you through various instances where you can use roses and the kinds of roses you can use. It is not a crime to err in the choice of rose. It only sends the wrong message if one abuses it.

Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the instances below and adjust accordingly. Let’s dive right in.

How to Choose the Right Rose in your decoration for occasions

How to Choose the Right Rose in your decoration for occasions

Rose Color for Birthdays Celebrations and Special Days

Brightly colored roses are well suited for birthday celebrations. If you are buying your materials for birthday decorations, remember to pick a rose that’s brightly colored. Yellow, red, or blue roses are much more suitable for Occasions like this. You can have a combination of these roses too.

However, You need to understand that person’s preferences. If you are, specifically, decorating the occasion to fit someone’s taste, you need to find out the bright color the person loves and ensure the rose comes in that color.


Rose Color for Burial or Sympathy

If you are hired to decorate a place of sympathy, condolences, or burial, you should select your roses with caution. Any rose you choose must communicate sympathy on days like this. Opt for roses that are neutral or soft shades.

Your roses should stay in the background rather than begging for attention. You need to understand that decoration for occasions like this is not for celebration; it should blend into the mood of the people in attendance. You don’t want to distract people from expressing their mood by filling everywhere with brightly colored roses.

Rose Decoration for Love Birds

This kind of affair is usually hot and intoxicating. So, go for red roses. If you are decorating for an occasion with love as its theme, your best bet is a red rose. Lovers are already familiar with this shade of rose. It should blend in naturally into the atmosphere.

Although, you can choose to mix it with variations of white to communicate purity. Red Rose is the highest expression of love. Don’t interrupt their feeling of love by throwing colors all over the place. Just stick with red, white, pink, and a few other colors that can go in the background.


Rose Decoration for Weddings

Weddings signify purity and trust. You don’t want to spoil people’s feelings by splashing all colors of roses everywhere. Although, you can blend in various hues of roses to communicate love, affection, friendship, etc.

But anywhere close to the bride, ensure you keep the roses as white as possible. You can tint the occasion with some pink or purple roses, but make it as scanty as possible.


Although it is not common to make an occasion of someone who is barely hanging onto their life, in some situations, you may get an offer to orchestrate a surprise scenario for a sick person to wish them well. On occasions like this, you make use of a bright-colored rose.

It would help cheer them up and put a smile on their faces. You can mix the colors using red, pink, and lilac because they are vibrant. They will quickly get noticed and appreciated. You can equally opt for Multiple colors based on your preferences in your chosen arrangement.


Choosing Rose Flower for Friendship

If you are decorating an occasion for friends, you can stick with bright-colored roses. However, friendship can be gender-biased. If you have a feminine friendship occasion, opt for pink, white, lilac, and similar colors. And for a masculine occasion, you can opt for stronger colors like pepper red, blue, burgundy, etc. If it is a unisex setting, mix the colors to accommodate both genders. However, do not use too many colors to preserve simplicity and uniqueness.

How to Choose the Right Rose in your decoration for occasions
Choosing Blue Rose for friendship

How to Choose the Right Rose in your Decoration for Occasions


The beauty of roses is made perfect by their colors. If you are going to send out roses there, you need to send them in the right colors. Red for love, white for purity, etc.

Don’t make a mistake and use the wrong color of rose to decorate occasions that would have elites in attendance. People who understand roses and how they are used will disdain you if you commit this blunder. It may get them a little off with you. Pick a suitable rose for every occasion.

If this list is not detailed enough, you can equally check online for more ideas and options on using roses on occasions. Mind you, you can’t avoid it.

Roses are some of the most beloved flowers, and almost everyone wants them on their occasions. The earlier you master their use, the better your chance of executing excellent decoration for occasions.