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Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah? Secrets People Don’t know about the Egedede goddess

Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah? Secrets about Egedege goddess You should Know

Larry Gaaga has set the internet and the music industry burning since this week as he released his single hit where he featured Queen Theresa Onuorah, Pete Edochie, Flavour, and Phyno. But who is this Queen Theresa Onuorah?

Theresa Onuorah Family

Theresa Onuorah is from Anambra State. She hails from Unubi, Nnewi South Local Government Area. Unubi town shares common boundaries with Osumenyi, Amichi, Ekwulumili, and Azigbo.

All these towns are in Nnewi South. She is married to an Unubi man and she has a grownup son with her husband and other children.

Queen Theresa Onuorah Son

Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah?
Speed Darlington (Speedy)

Does Theresa Onuorah have any son? Yes. In fact, it is said that she has two sons: one of them is the one she has with the famous Pericoma of Arondizuogu aka lion of Africa.

The said boy is called Speed Darlington aka Speedy. The Egedege crooner is also said to have a son with her husband Michael Igboebisi who she is living with currently in Unubi.

Theresa Onuorah Daughter

So many people are searching about who the Daughters of Theresa Onuora is. The truth of the matter is we are yet to see or hear about her biological daughters.

Some also claimed that her daughters have taken over some of the musical outing performances. That is true but they mean to say her music and dance daughters. Those girls she raised among her Egedege dance troops.

Queen Theresa Onuorah Net worth

What is the Net Worth of Theresa Onuora? No one knows for sure how much the Egedege dance goddess is worth. This is because no information about it is available on the internet.

However, she still goes to big occasions like the burial ceremonies of rich families to perform. It costs fortunes to have her perform on any occasion.

She also has old records sold in her name. The net worth of the Egedege goddess of Unubi should be around $25,000.


Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah?

Myths Told about Theresa Onuorah

There are 3 myths told about the Egedege goddess of Unubi. One is that she is a queen of the coast. This claim seems to sound false. But Theresa Onuorah has not debunked it.

In fact, she believes and worships the River goddess (Ezenwanyi) with the likes of the mother of the Late Oliver De Coque. Another myth is that she would never get married to a mortal man. Not only that, we were meant to believe that her dancers would not get married too.

However, all of those were false. Events and time have proven that they were mortal beings and they got married.




Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah?

Theresa Onuorah Song with Larry Gaaga, Flavour, Phyno, and Pete Edochie

Currently, the internet is bubbling because of the single hit released by Larry Gaaga where he featured Flavour N’abania, Phyno, and Theresa Onuorah – Egedege. I have seen the song. It bams. For those who are yet to see the video, here is it.

Larry Gaaga – Theresa Onuorah Music Video (Song)

   Theresa Onuorah Photos

Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah?

Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah?
Theresa Onuorah

Who is Queen Theresa Onuorah?

Theresa Onuorah Biography and Background

Theresa Onuora is popularly known as Queen of the Coast and the Egedege Dance goddess of Unubi. Her Ogene music and Egedege dancing troop were popular in the East during the 80s and 90s. Theresa Onuorah Biography, Family and Net worth.

Her music can be classified as highlife music but she is unique for her Ogene melody, the ancient melodious voice, and the stylish Egedege dance. Egedege is just a form of dance that combines with embellishments of highlife sounds or beats.

What is Egedege Dance?

Sometimes ago, someone asked me the meaning of Egedege dance. I couldn’t find a set answer for that. All I told her was that Egedede is a type of ogene dance with unique dance steps, moves, and attires.

I mean, when you see Egedege dancers, they are different from Atulogwu dancers or Makosa dancers. Egedege is a type of traditional ogene dance step.


As I was growing up, I began to hear about Theresa Onuora. Any event she was invited or paid to perform was always filled to the brim. I remembered missing school one period and trekking to a very long distance just to watch her perform. Her presence, in any event, was always revered.

Then, the titled red-cap Chiefs and women used to occupy special positions in the event just to have a full view of her as she performed. She was famous in her time that it was rumored that the highly revered ‘Osinamili’ of Orjiezeka Amichi, a very wealthy man sought her hand in marriage and she turned him down.

That was when the myth speculated about Theresa Onuorah that she was from the river (River goddess) heightened. We were made to believe that since she was from the river, she would not marry any man. On her side, she never made an attempt to debunk all of these rumors and myths speculated about her.


Her Egedege Dance Costumes

Theresa Onuorah has a special dancing costume for herself different from that of her Egedege dancers. She wears beautifully made Egedede clothes of flamboyant colors and shines. Her attires were made of tiny mirrors. These mirrors are present in her ‘akupe egwu‘ (a well-decorated hand fan). Also, on her head are adorned with a crown made of feathers of many colors and mirrors.

She is always beaming with smiles as she makes the move of the Queen while she performs. As in the 80s and 90s, photographers were not able to capture Theresa Onuorah’s face as she performed or so we were made to believe.

My uncle who was a photographer then was not able to capture her face no matter how hard he tried. He always said she blocked her beautiful face with her large hand fan. We were also made to believe that those who were able to capture her face lost the image.


They said, her river power blur her face so that even if it was captured, you would only see her body but not her face.

Meanwhile, that was then. With the emergence and the proliferation of Android camera phones, children nowadays can capture her face just as they like, even at a far distance. ‘marine face kor ni’.

Queen Theresa Onuora Age

How old is Theresa Onuorah? Theresa Onuorah is officially 80-years-old (updated)

She was born in December 1941. So, she is about 79 years. But judging from her appearance she looks younger. In fact, looks as if she is in her early 60s.

Theresa Onuorah is officially 80-years-old (updated). Her 80th-year birthday thanksgiving holds at the Catholic Church in Anambra state.

Her Religion

Does Theresa Onuorah go to church? I cannot give a yes or a no answer to this question. But what I know is that as a child, I have known her as a worshipper of the sea goddess. She belongs to ‘Ezenwanyi” worshippers. Those who worship Ezenwanyi are also like traditionalists. While the other believe in the worship of Ani god, they worship water goddess.

Those I know in my community who worship the Mermaid; the likes of the late Oliver DeCoquer’s mother didn’t attend any church. They were buried by the traditionalists when they died. So, if Theresa Onuorah goes to church, it means she has joined the Christian faith recently. Thank you.


Her musical career

She is a goddess as long as Egedege music and dance are concerned. Her hit albums: “Ogene Ekwubego mu na onye gaagba egbu”. “Ebelebe egbuonu o, Ana ekwu ana eme eme ndi egwu na-enye ekele n’obodo”,Oba egwu”, “onwunwa mu na chimo, onwunwa”, etc are still fresh till date.

Biography of Theresa Onuorah and Larry Gaaga

Recently, Theresa Onuora was featured in a song by Larry Gaaga alongside Flavour n’abania, Phyno, & Theresa Onuorah – Egedege MP3.


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