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Dog Food: 7 Food You should never give Your Dog

 7 Food You should never give Your Dog

7 Food You should never give Your Dog. How would you feel if your veterinary doctor notified you that you killed billy? Billy is the name of the dog you love so dearly and wish to keep forever.

But one day, you walked through the door, and instead of jumping towards you with tails wagging like a spoiled clock, you found Billy lying on the floor, stifled with no sign of life. Now, you could not control your curiosity. You rushed over to Billy knelt beside it to examine its condition.

Billy is not breathing, Billy is not moving, Billy’s heart has stopped, all the body parts are stiff. It looks like Billy has been lifeless for over 8 hours, right about the time you got to the office. Your vet informs you that avocados are not appropriate for Billy. He also said the meal Billy ate this morning caused its death – the same food you ate before going to work. You are alive, but Billy’s dead.

So what killed billy?

Here are 7 foods that are healthy for you but poisonous to your dog. Keep these types of food away from your dog if you want your dog to live long. Here we go.


7 Food You should never give Your Dog

  • Avocados

Avocados are healthy fruit for human health since they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are very good for humans. However, they also contain Persin, which is very toxic for your dog.

Persin does not have effects on humans, but it can affect your dog’s lungs. Due to fluid accumulation in the lungs, airflow gets obstructed, and weakness sets in.

If you don’t take quick precautions, it may cause death. Each time you decide to eat that sandwich or salad, remember to keep your dog far away from the crumbs or plates.

7 Food You should never give Your Dog

  • Grapes

Vets advice dog owners never to feed grapes to their dogs. Like avocado, grapes contain toxins that can affect your dog’s kidney and result in kidney failure.

No matter the quantity, grapes are a sure death sentence to your dog. Vets report that crumbs of grapes would definitely cause death for a dog.


  • Chocolate

You need to always remember that your dog has a history as a carnivore. Their digestive system is not optimized for plant-based food.

When you feed chocolates to your dog, they hardly digest it properly and affect their metabolism: resulting in tiredness, weakness, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, dehydration, and eventual death if not proper care is not taken.


  •  Chewing Gums

The sweetener in chewing gum has a drastic effect on your dog. If your dog consumes this type of sugar, it will cause a sharp drop in its blood sugar. You have to keep all your chewing gums, sweets, and any other food that has synthetic sweetener in it.

If your dog consumes these sweeteners, it can damage its liver. If you are the type that loves to clean your dog’s teeth, avoid human toothpaste and opt for recommended kinds of toothpaste for dogs.


  • Onions

Onions and garlic are very poisonous to dogs. Consuming an excessive amount of onions can lead to the destruction of red blood cells.

Onions are not the only toxic member of the allium family. All other members of the alliums, including garlic, are very poisonous to dogs. You should minimize onions intake for your dog even if they have to take any, ensure it is a tiny quantity.


  • Mushroom

Not all mushrooms are suitable for your dog. Some mushrooms are highly poisonous, and dogs should not eat them. Whenever you take your dog for a walk, watch what they eat and prevent them from eating wild mushrooms.

Most dogs tend to sniff around and try their mouth at anything they find along the road. If you notice your dog picking something from the floor with its mouth, try as much as possible to check what it is. If it is a type of mushroom you don’t recognize, you need to take it over to your vet for a check-up.


Feeding corn to your dog is not out-rightly bad, but when the corn includes a sizable amount of cob in it, it becomes toxic to the dog. Like you read earlier, dogs are carnivores, and their system is more optimized for flesh than plant-based food.

If dogs eat a lot of cobs, it could cause indigestion, and crumbs of the cob might find their way into their small intestine. It would cause severe discomfort, illness, and even death if not accurately diagnosed and cured. If your dog has to feed on corn, ensure it is well-cooked, and serve a negligible amount of corn at a time.

Corn contains a high level of starch, carbohydrate, and fiber appropriate for your dog. However, it is essential to keep your dog healthy by opting for a less threatening carbohydrate alternative.


7 Food You should never give Your Dog (Summary)

Food is very vital to the existence of any living organism. However, if you don’t serve or prepare food properly, it can cause the death of such an organism. The food that works for you doesn’t always work for your dog.

It is best to take time to speak with your vet and gain enough knowledge about the kinds of dog food that work best for your dog. Feeding your food to your dog is not really a show of love. If you want to show your dog that you love it, spend more time researching healthy meal recipes to boost your dog’s health and preserve its life.