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20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria, Location and Uses

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20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria, Location, and Uses

20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria Location and Uses.


Here are 20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria, Locations, and Uses. Mineral resources in Nigeria, their locations, and uses. Nigeria is a country that is endowed with very many mineral resources.

These mineral resources are the major sources of her economic sustainability. There are so many of them. We are going to mention 20 mineral resources, their locations, and their uses.

Mineral Resources In Nigeria
Mineral Resources in Nigeria

The locations are the States where these mineral resources can be found in abundance. The uses are the various things the mineral resources are used for.


List of Mineral Resources in Nigeria, Locations, and Uses

1. Bitumen

Locations: Lagos, Edo State, and Ogun State.

Uses: Bitumen is used for road construction. It is also used as an asphalt binder.

2. Oil and Gas

Locations: Akwa Ibom, Abia, Bayelsa, Edo, Delta, IMO, River, and currently, Enugu.

Uses:  Oil and gas are used for the production of petroleum products like fuel, cooking gas, Vaseline, spirit like diesel. All these are for human uses, company and transportation.


3. Gold

Locations: Edo, Ebonyi, Kaduna, Ijesha, Oyo.

Uses: Gold is used to produce jewelry.

4. Iron Ore

Locations: Benue, Anambra, Kogi, Kwara, Delta

Uses: The primary use of iron ore (98%) is to make steel. The remaining 2% is used in various other applications, such as powdered iron—for certain types of steels, magnets, auto parts, and catalysts. It is also used as radioactive iron (iron 59)—for medicine and as a tracer element in biochemical and metallurgical research.

5. Lead & Zinc

Locations: Ebonyi, Benue, Ogoja, Kano

Uses: Lead-Zinc is used in construction, ammunition, television tubes, nuclear shielding, ceramics, weights, and tubes or containers, as a protective coating on steel, as die-casting, as an alloying metal with copper to make brass, and as chemical compounds in rubber and paint.

6. Salt

Locations: Akwa Ibom, Abia, Ebonyi, Cross River

Uses: It is used for cooking, preservation, and industrial project.

Mineral Resources in Nigeria

7. Tin & Columbite

Locations: Jos and Bauchi

Uses: Tin is used in food packaging like canned food.

8. Cocoa

Locations: Edo, Anambra, Imo, Kwara, Ondo, Osun, Ogun, and Oyo

Uses: Cocoa is used to produce beverages like coffee and Bournvita

9. Groundnuts

Locations:  Ebonyi, Kastina, Sokoto, Enugu, Kano, Niger

Uses: Groundnuts are used for the production of oil for human consumption. It can be eaten in seeds.

10. Kola nuts

Locations: Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Kwara

Uses: Kola nuts contain caffeine. They are useful for industrial use. They are eaten and they serve for traditional purposes especially among the Igbos. Kola nuts are part of every ceremony in Igbo land.

20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria Location and Uses

11. Oil Palm

Locations: Akwa Ibom, Imo, Anambra, Oyo, and Aba

Uses: Oil palm is used for cooking and production. It is used for the production of local soap and cream.

12. Plantain

Locations: Ogun, Oyo, and Osun. Plantains can be found in all states in Nigeria.

Uses: It is consumed as food.

13. Rubber

Locations: Delta, Cross River, Ogun, Edo

Uses: It is used in making tire, plastic, and rubber band.

14. Cotton

Locations: Kano, Kaduna, Oyo, Ondo, Kwara, Kastina, Jigawa, Ogun, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara State

Uses: Cotton is used by textile industries for the production of clothes materials and wools for hospitals. It has been one of the major cash crops in Africa, Nigeria inclusive.

15. Sugar Cane:

Locations: Sokoto

Uses: Sugar cane is used for the production of sugar syrup for further production. It is also for eating.

Mineral Resources in Nigeria

16. Timber:

Locations: Edo, Ogun, Delta

Uses: It is used for building and further making

17. Gypsum

Locations: Edo, Delta, Gombe, Kogi

Uses: For the production of cement, chalk, and pop (plaster of Paris) to use them for building.

18. Bentonite and Baryte

Locations: Bentonite can be found in Borno, Plateau while Baryte is found in Adamawa, Bauchi, and Taraba.

Uses: It is made from mud which can be used for oil well drilling.

19. Talc.

Locations: Kogi, Oyo, Osun, and Niger

Uses: It is used in one of the most diverse branches of industrial minerals in the world.

20. GenStone

Locations: Plateau, Kaduna, Bauchi

Uses: It is a stone that is highly appreciated in the world used for building and decoration.

Summary on 20 Mineral Resources In Nigeria, Location, and Uses

There are more than 20 mineral resources in Nigeria in 2020/2021. To see more lists on mineral resources in Nigeria, their locations, and uses, read it here.

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