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How to Check Airtel Data and Account Balance

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

To check your data balance on Airtel dial *121# and type 5. Wait for message containing your data balance. How to check Airtel data Balance.

Hello reader, this article was specially written for Airtel users. We found out that many Airtel users have been having problems checking their data balance.

So, we wrote this article to solve the problem. Whether you are a new or even an existing user, read on this article is for you. We have previously written on similar articles like how to check MTN data balance and How to check data balance on 9mobile. You can go and check them out if you are using any of these networks.

While making research for this article, I found out that Airtel offers one of the most amazing day plans out their so if you don’t mind, lets talk a bit about airtel network before we go into the main reason for this article

Coming to how to check data balance on Airtel, there are many ways to check data balance on airtel but just like other networks, it has the easiest and most convenient of them all which is the USSD method.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance.


Airtel Network

Airtel Limited, or just Airtel, is an Indian telecommunications services business headquartered in New Delhi. It has operations in 18 South Asian and African nations, as well as the Channel Islands.

The airtel network is one of the best networks we have in the world right now.Their customer support and generous data plans is one of the reasons they have many customers.

Now we have briefed you on the bio of airtel, lets quickly dive in to the main purpose of this article.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

Just like other networks, there are different ways to check data balance on airtel network, they include;

  • Checking airtel data balance Via USSD code
  • Checking airtel data balance Via My airtel App
  • Checking Airtel balance via Airtel Self care service


Checking using USSD code

This is the most convenient of them all and you can easily do this without an internet connection.  You simply need to follow few steps:

  • open your phone app and dial *121#
  • send it and wait for response
  • a message containing your data balance will be sent to you shortly

To verify the phone balance and duration of your Airtel mobile number, dial *123#.
To check Airtel 3G/4G net balance using Airtel codes, dial *121# and enter 5.
These codes will inform you of the balance and authenticity of your data.

These Airtel USSD codes may be used to find out about your data balance, main balance, and other Airtel services.

Airtel’s own cellphone number verification code

*121#, *121*9#, or *121*2#

Checking airtel data using My airtel App

This is another easy way to check your data balance on airtel. While this is good, but it requires internet connection to access the app.

If you are the type that doesn’t have data always, this is definitely not for check  your data balance using Airtel app please kindly follow the steps below;

Step 1: Download and Install the Airtel App on your mobile device.

Step 2: Then, using your Airtel mobile number, register and log in.


Step 3: On the homepage in the Airtel App, you can now view the airtel main balance, data balance, and data validity.


Checking using Airtel Self care service

Airtel self care service is a customer service provided by airtel to help their customers to solve some certain problems they might encounter with the network.The self care service is just there to help. To check your airtel data balance using airtel self care service, simply follow this few steps;

Step 1: Go to for Airtel Self-Care assistance.

Step 2: Next, input your phone number and log in using the OTP (one-time password) given to your phone.

Step 3: On the self-care service dashboard, you will now see the airtel main balance and data balance.

you can also contact them on social media if you have any problem regarding to their network.The thing is that I have never tried connecting them them on social media to check my data balance but I think it is worth a try

How to Check Airtel Data Balance – Conclusion

Airtel network is a good network to use if you know the necessary things you should know which I have thought you one of them now. If you find this article useful, kindly share with friends.