How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile Etisalat

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile Etisalat

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile Etisalat. Open the dial caller on your phone. Type and Dial *228# and press send. Your Data balance will be sent to you shortly via SMS. This is, however, one of the methods. Follow the article to see all the methods you can use to check your Etisalat data balance.

Hello reader, this article will completely guide you and tell you all you need to know about checking your data balance on the 9mobile or Etisalat line. How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile Etisalat. The popular USSD code for checking the 9mobile data balance is *228#.

However, there are other ways to check your data balance on Etisalat 9Mobile. Before we go ahead mentioning other ways to check data balance on 9mobile, let me give you a list of 9mobile subscription packages. You may read How to Check GoTv and DSTV Account Balances here.

Don’t be surprised when mentioning 9mobile and Etisalat at the same time. This is because 9mobile was formerly known as Etisalat before it changed to the recent name, 9mobile. These titles are still the same network. We used both names for people like myself who still refer to the network as Etisalat.

Previously we wrote on how to check MTN data balance but on noticing that the keyword “How to check data balance on 9mobile” have been searched severally, we decided to write on it so whether you are an existing 9mobile user or someone who has issues checking his/her 9mobile data balance, this article was written especially for you

Just like other ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) 9mobile has like 2 to 3 ways of checking data balance. The reason they provide multiple ways is for you to choose the one that is more convenient for you.

Despite having ways of checking data balance, 9mobile has a short USSD code for checking data balance. The USSD code for checking the 9mobile data balance is *228#.

9mobile Data Plans


  • 9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan 1000 Naira

To enroll, dial *229*2*7#. 9mobile provides a 1.5GB data package for 1,000 Naira good for 30 days (24/7).9mobile also provides 2GB data for the evening (7 pm – 7 am) and 24 hours weekend surfing for one thousand (1,000 )Naira only, good for Thirty(30) days from purchase; to enroll, call *229*3*12#.

This plan is appropriate for light smartphone users who conduct basic surfing and talking and do not often use data-intensive programs such as Instagram, Snapchat, and others.


  • 9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan 2000 Naira

9mobile is now offering 4.5GB of data for 2,000 Naira good for 30 days (24/7). To enroll, call *229*2*8#.

This plan is suitable for typical data users because it can last the entire month if you do not regularly use apps that consume much data

9mobile also has a 5GB evening (7 pm – 7 am) and weekend (24 hours) plan for 2,000 Naira that is good for 30 days; to enroll, call *229*3*13#.

Monthly Data Plans from 9Mobile (Etisalat)

  • 9mobile offers a 500MB data package good for one month and is available all day for 500 Naira; to subscribe, call *229*2*12#. 9mobile  also provides a 500 Naira weekend data package effective from 11:59 p.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday.


  • The code for 9mobile 1000 Naira data is *229*2*7#, and it provides 1.5GB of data good for one month from the date of purchase.


  • 9mobile offers 2GB of data for 1,200 Naira for a period of one month from the date of purchase; the  code is *229*2*25#

To enroll, call *229*2*3#. 9mobile provides 3GB of data for 1,500 Naira good for 30 days (24/7).

To enroll, dial *229*2*8#. 9mobile provides 4.5GB of data for 2,000 Naira good for 30 days (24/7).

Call *229*2*36# to subscribe to the 11GB data plan for 4,000 Naira; the plan is good for 30 days (24/7).

By calling *229*2*37#, you may obtain 15GB for 5,000 Naira good for 30 days on 9mobile.

9mobile provides 40GB data for 10,000 Naira valid for 30 days with a membership code of *229*4*1# for heavy data users.

Etisalat provides a 30-day data plan of 75GB for 15,000 Naira using the subscription code *229*2*4#.

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile Etisalat

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile Etisalat

Using USSD Code– I have mentioned this earlier in the article but will like to give a detailed explanation. Checking data balance using USSD code is the easiest method of checking data balance. This is the method most people prefer using maybe because it’s simple. Here are the steps involved;

  • Open the call app on your phone
  • Type and Dial *228#
  • Your Data balance will be sent to you shortly via SMS

Using 9mobile Mobile App– This is the most advanced method of checking data balance.9mobile has a mobile app that provides easy and quick access to airtime, data purchase, etc. You can equally use the mobile app to check your data balance. To do this follow these steps;

  • Head over to the play store or any app store and download the 9mobile Mobile app
  • After Installation, fill out your information and sign in.
  • After signing in you will see your balance in the app

Using SMS– You can also check your 9mobile data balance by sending a message to a unique 9mobile customer service number. To this, you should follow the following steps;

  • Open Your Message App
  • Type “Info” and send it to 228
  • An SMS containing your data balance will be sent to you immediately

How to Check Your Credit Balance on Etisalat 9Mobile

Dial *232# on your mobile device and wait for an SMS reply from 9mobile, showing your balance.

How to Borrow Credit or Data on 9Mobile Etisalat

Dial *665# on your phone screen followed by send. You will receive two options to choose from;

Please select:

  1. Borrow Airtime
  2. Borrow Data

You will select the one you want. If you want your phone to be credited with data, you will choose option 2. If it is Airtime, then choose one. You will have to type the number you choose on the line and press send.

Let’s assume you choose 2 and typed and send, this is what you will see;


  1. Choose Loan Amount (Here you are required to choose the amount you want to borrow if you choose and type number 1).
  2. Check Eligibility (This option is to know whether you are qualified to borrow from the network or not)
  3. Check Debt Status (This option will let you know whether you are owing previously or you have cleared the debt you borrowed before.)
  4. Enable Loans (This is to enable your line to be able to be used to borrow money or data. But you don’t have to choose this option unless you have chosen number 5 in the time past.)
  5. Disable Loans (When you choose this, no one will be able to borrow money with your line again, including yourself.)


Note: 9mobile does not charge you whether you are using the SMS method or USSD code

Call 9mobile Customer Service– You can also call 9mobile customer service and request your data balance. I consider this method useless because the time you spend on doing it can easily be used to use the USSD code method or better still use the SMS method but if you think need their services, you can dial 200 to contact them

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