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Kayan Mata or KayaMata ~ Facts You should Know about the Uses by Women and Men

Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women


In case you are among those who are wondering why the so many hues from sellers and users about Kayan Mata. It is a Hausa word that generally stands for women’s bedroom materials or love enhancers. It is spelled as Kayanmata by some people and they all mean the same thing. Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women.

Kayan Mata is a natural herb used by the Northerners. It has other names like Goron Tula, Kayan Maza, Kunum Aya, and Kayanmata; depending on the ingredients used in preparing it.

The Northerners in Nigeria are widely known for their history of aphrodisiacs. They make use of herbs, tree roots, and barks for medicinal purposes and also for the preparation of foods. Kayan Mata is also part of it and it has been existing.

However, recently this Whitehouse enhancer herb which has always been existent among the Hausas and other Northerners became unimaginably popular all over Nigeria and in West Africa at large. And, a lot of people have become interested in its rumored abilities.

Kayan Mata is a term that generally means things that women use to enhance the game between a man and a woman. They can be in the form of concoctions, ointments, herbs, tree barks, and roots, etc.


It is generally believed to improve activities in ‘za oza room’ and also help women to tie down their dream men. The concoction can be acquired in a lot of Nigerian markets. The sellers are usually accorded some respect and recognized as experts in bedroom matters.

Also, this fetish stuff too is also believed by a lot of people to aid fertility. A lot of women in West Africa have taken the Hausa aphrodisiac as a cure to their fertility problems.

Kayan Mata has been rumored to also cure premature ejaculation in men.  This thereby makes the drug not only useful for women but also for men.

Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women


History and Boom of Kayan Mata

Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women
Kayamata Seeds


Kayan Mata has been existent among the Hausas and Northerners for a very long time. But the ‘za oza room’ enhancer started becoming unimaginably popular as a lot of sellers started using social media like Instagram to market the local drug, and sharing testimonies of what has been done through the Hausa drug.

Since then, the women’s love material has gotten more popular than ever imagined, leaving not only the shores of Northern Nigeria but also leaving West Africa as a whole.

As a result of the boom of the Kayan Mata, it is not only been sold in Lugbe, Wuse, Barnawa, or Yankaba markets but it is currently been sold in almost every market in Nigeria and in West Africa as well.



Kayan Mata which was mainly used by women is also being used by men. The enhancer material has quite a lot of uses, of which we would mention some below.

  1. Conjugal Enhancer:

It is used by women to enhance their “za oza room” experience: Kayan Mata can be used by couples who are not satisfied with their experience to make it better.

2. Aids Fertility in Women:

Kayan Mata aids fertility in women: The popular inner room drug has also been said to aid fertility in women and a lot of women have also agreed to that.

3. It is used for nutritional purposes:

According to a lot of sources, the Goron Tula aka Kayan Mata has an extensive range of health benefits.

4. Kayan Mata Prevents Premature ejaculation.

Yes, many people say men equally use to cure 2 minutes Indomie disease. It is used to preventing premature ejaculation in men.



According to a lot of sources, the Kayan Mata or maza has quite a number of health benefits. A lot of these health benefits come from the addition of one of the key ingredients in the preparation of the herb.

The ingredient which is under consideration is the Goron Tula. Research has it that the Goron Tula cures chest pain, cough, liver problem, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Menstruation problems, infertility among others.

Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women


It is good we tell about the side effects of this herb. It is just as the Igbo adage has it; “the thing that is sweet can also kill”. Kayan Mata also has a good and bad side.

It can also bring a lot of health disorders to the user if care isn’t taken. So before taking the drug, you would have to seek advice from experienced users, the dealer, or a doctor.

The Goron Tula which is used to prepare the drug can also bring a lot of adverse health effects if not properly taken care of. Therefore users are encouraged to seek advice before using.

As a result of contamination of microbes and bacteria in the Goron Tula, which remains if the Goron Tula isn’t properly washed before usage, the user can fall sick from bacterium contamination.

Buying adulterated concoctions by unsuspecting buyers can lead to liver damage and kidney failure. This can be very fatal, so inexperienced users are not advised to buy and use the drug without expert advice.

Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women


Kayan Mata can be prepared in a lot of forms and ways. They can be prepared in the form of a tablet, perfumes, dishes, or even drinks. Below are some types of the popular Hausa drug:

  • Tsumi: The Tsumi is nicknamed cocaine because of the effect it has on people. It is usually a mixture of camel milk and the Kayan Mata herb.
  • Zuman Mata: The drug is nicknamed ‘Women’s honey’. It makes a man attracted to a woman and makes him be constantly coming back to her.
  • Kunum Aya: The Kunum Aya is a lot of people’s favorite in the different types of Kayan Mata. It is also the easiest to prepare.



A lot of ingredients for the preparation of Kayan Mata are imported from India and a lot of other countries in Asia as well. Popular and common ingredients are honey, ginger, tiger nuts, millet, camel milk, and some other herbs.


The Kayan Mata can be prepared by almost anyone and everyone with the right ingredients. We would be considering the Kunum Aya type here.

In Kunum Aya type, the main ingredient of the dish is tiger nuts. Dry tiger nuts can be soaked overnight so as to be able to use them.


  • 600g of soaked tiger nuts.
  • One coconut.
  • 15 dates.
  • 2 liters of warm water.


  1. Wash the soaked tiger nut thoroughly to remove dirt.
  2. Break the coconut and extract its milk into a cup, extract the edible part as well.
  3. Remove the date’s kernels and cut the dates to a very size.
  4. Blend and mix your dates, tiger nuts, coconut milk, and the coconut’s edible part inside a blender with warm water.

Enjoy your Kayan Mata (Kunum Aya).

Facts about Uses of Kayan Mata or KayaMata by Men and Women

How to use Kayan Mata

Another important question we have skipped is where and how Kayan Mata is used? Yes. I have seen several search queries on this. Many asked, how do people use Kayan Mata?

I have also read where people asked; where does Bobyrisky apply or use Kayan Mata? You see this last question, you will answer it by yourself (aproko). Lol. You see someone who is “Shim”, you are asking where heshe rubs the Kayan Mata. Bob risky uses Kayan Mata for the same purpose.

One thing is sure, Kayan Mata herb comes in the form of ointment or drugs. It can be taken orally. I mean people drink the concoction while the ointment is applied on the skin or the Garden of Eden during white house game.

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