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Officers on Duty | BrodaShaggi Officer Woos Comedy

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Officers on Duty | BrodaShaggi Officer Woos Comedy

Watch the Latest Broda Shaggi and Officer Woos Comedy. Officers on Duty | BrodaShagg Officer Woos Comedy.

The popular Nigerian Comedian, Broda Shaggi has released his new comedy video today, 2nd May 2021. As usual, he features his partner, Officer Woos in crime in their Police satiric skit.

Everyone needs to see this new comedy video titled; “Officers on Duty”. Did I hear Mercy Johnson, Mercy Chinwo, and Mercy Aigbe?

This duo will not kii person with laughter. Oh! I forget to tell you that Officer Woos has changed his belt. Lmao.


Officers on Duty | BrodaShaggi Officer Woos Comedy

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Cooking Seasoning Cubes, Knorr cubes, Royco, Maggi are Trending. People insert it in their anus for butt enlargement. This is Why Knorr (Maggi) Cube Seasoning is Trending on Social Media.

Why is everybody talking about Knorr (Maggi) Seasoning on social media? Knorr cube is trending because people say ladies use it for butt enlargement. This is why Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is Trending

What is it with Knorr, star Maggi, Royco spices, or seasonings that make them trend on social media this week? It is trending because some people alleged it is being used for butt enlargement while others said it can be used in the other room. This is why cooking cubes are trending on social media.

This is why Knorr Seasoning Cube (Maggi) is Trending

In this post, we want to know why Knorr cube spice or seasoning is trending on social media. I mean, why are people talking about Knorr cube spices and most especially the women?

The other time, it was Tom Tom candy and cold water. People also said the combination of Tom Tom and Lacasera soft drink does magic to the body. Read it here.

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