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What?! Girl Splits her Tongue with Knife to Look Different

Girl Splits her Tongue with Knife to Look Different

Tongue splitting in the name of fashion. Girl Splits her Tongue with Knife to Look Different. Californian Lesbian had Her Tongue Split into two to Look Different.

This is unbelievable. It is outrageous to think that a normal human being can inflict these pains on herself in the name of beauty.

Are you going to ask again why this Lady did this to her tongue? You’re not definitely gonna ask me again. You heard it in the caption.

She splits her tongue into two just to look different. A human being woke up from bed one morning, what she wanted was to have her tongue split with scissors and had them sewed apart.

And we call it what? Fashion and lifestyle. But for me, it is not a lifestyle. Some people are mad while others are raving mad.

This is one of them. If you ask me again I will tell you this is part of signs of end-time we are in. Every day, we see and hear odds and unimaginable things happening in the world.

The Bible says from their fruits we shall know them. She has shown the fruits she bears from her face.

She also says it makes her look sexy. It doesn’t. It makes her look like a beast. It is actually outrageous.

You can also read here about Nigerian Cross-dressers who went under the knife to look like women.

Girl Splits her Tongue with Knife to Look Different

Actually, she didn’t show the world the agony she went through while the tongue was being split. She only showed the final surgery stage when everything was always over.

A rebrobate mind somewhere will just go and copy her. Before thinking about doing what she did, think about the amount of bleeding that gushed from the tongue when it was cut.

Also, you should have it in mind that she is from California. Before thinking of committing suicide in the name of having your tongue split, think about your location.

Finally, why should you tamper with any part of your body?

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girl split her tongue with knife to look different
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