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20 Book Titles People use Often to Describe 2020


20 Best Books for 2020
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The year 2020 has come and gone. If you are reading this, it shows you are a survivor.

The world could forget every other year in a hurry but not the year 2020. Like the year 2019, there was nothing much to write or remember about it. The only thing was that it came with The Doll’s Bad News. The sex doll trended in 2019 but didn’t last.

“Knock, knock? Who is There?” It was 2020. We opened the door for the new year. But since then, we have been locked inside for weeks and I have just realized that You’re Dead without Money.

There is no one word that can describe Covid-19 other than The Tempest. The tempest-tossed and the whole world shook and it is No longer at ease. It was a Shock Treatment to the whole world.

When the deadly virus was just beginning, the religious leaders were warned. They were told what to do but they ignored it and said; “It Not my thing”. It eventually came and Hit them where it hurts.

Most of us were hyped into believing that Just a matter of time, it would go away like the flu. It never did.

The conspiracy theorists believed it was a manmade bioweapon but the oppositions laughed at them and called their theories The Stories for The gods. They said to us; “Believe This… You’ll Believe Anything.

We told our young chaps that there will be no more beaching and clubbing, they shrugged. We told them they can go out with facemasks and they said; You must be Kidding”. Well, This is For Real.

Covid-19 came and open A can of worms among the world leaders. The war has been existing but it was fought cold. The presence of the Coffin from Hong Kong has made the war visible. A Coffin from Hong Kong always has A Change of Scene.

We postponed business meetings, canceled traveling appointments. Peasantries ceased in the land. No one talks about the set goals and visions for the year 2020. We just Want to stay alive.

Economically, many countries of the world were gasping for breath. Their economies were already catching a cold before Covid-19 winter set in unannounced. Things Fall Apart.

Racism; oh racism! now that storm is coming to an end. Someone has become Second Class Citizen because of his color. People are suffering brutality from their fellow humans. The only offense they commit is because their skin color is not black.

The world will be healed again. We are looking forward again to One Bright Summer Morning. It is coming. But before that, we have a lot of tasks at hand. Speaking in the voice of James Hadley Chase,  I’ll Bury My Dead.

We are done with it. But we are inside again for the second wave of The Tempest. Oh, I forgot. Where I come from, we bury our dead and “ended SARS” simultaneously.