After She Gave a Mad Man Food in a Restaurant, Here is How He Made Her a Millionaire

After She Gave a Mad Man Food in a Restaurant, Here is How He Made Her a Millionaire.

The moral of this touching story is never to look down on anybody you meet anywhere and help anyone the way you can.

This is the story of a young lady who became a millionaire overnight because he gave food to a mad man in a restaurant. The lady recounted how she was in a restaurant eating. A dirty and smelling mad man walked in and started begging them for food. People were driving the mad man away.

The owner of the restaurant came out to drive the mad man away. But this girl came out and intervened and asked him not to. She ordered two plates of food for the mad man. She said the mad started eating the food beside her in the restaurant. When he finished, he thanked her and was about to go. She called him back and prayed with him before letting him go.


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The lady had a job interview in an oil company around the area. So, she had come around to master her way around the area before she decided to walk into the restaurant. The next day, she prepared and went to the company for her interview. Surprisingly, the Manager sitting on the seat was the same mad man she bought food for.

She was shaking from head to toes when she heard the man said; “your prayer has been answered. Your interview took place in the restaurant and you passed with flying colors”.

Immediately, he brought out a cheque and signed 10 million naira for the girl. To add to that, he gave her automatic employment in the company.

Hear what the girl says to everyone;

“Always be kind to people. Through the Love and Prayer you show to people, God will reward you.

Thank God for my life because through the love and prayer I gave to the man, I have been lifted”.

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