“If Your Handwriting can Beat Mine, Come Closer”. Lady Sets Handwriting Challenge

Lady Sets Handwriting Challenge on Social Media


So, a beautiful lady by the name Mariam on Twitter challenged others on the social media platform to snap the pictures of their handwritings and post them for comparison with hers. “If your handwriting can beat mine, come closer,” she said.

Actually, Mariam wasn’t just making bragging as her handwriting appeared very clean, legible, and beautiful. Everybody that saw her note agreed that she is blessed with good handwriting, and many people surrendered to her on the challenge without giving a fight.

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Interestingly, some other people took up her challenge and uploaded their beautiful handwriting. The challenge was actually tight and the winner was hard to choose.

A poet by the name Zayn also uploaded her own handwriting and many people actually tripped for it, the content included.


See how people reacted:


Then, another lady, Ayshah, joined the competition with a beautiful note to her future self. Interestingly, she took the moment to encourage herself to keep pushing forward, hoping someday in the future, she would read the note and tell herself it was worth it.

Although It seems difficult to read her note, but are penmanship is definitely awesome, and the content?


Then it seemed like it was a competition set by a woman for women, but it is actually not so. Many guys also came into the challenge, but they didn’t fit in. Funnily, some even went ahead to download internet documents and claim them theirs.

Well, a brother by the name Shola came on board to save men’s faces by simply send a “best wishes” note to an anonymous person.

In as much as it was a very tight competition, someone must emerge a winner, so kindly tell us who you think won the competition between Mariam, Zayn, Aysha and Shola.

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