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Do You Remember Nneoma Nnadi; the little maid that was nailed on the head? See what happened to her at last

Do You Remember Nneoma Nnadi; the little maid that was brutalized and nailed on the head? See what happened to her at last.

Around July 2020, a story trended of a 10-year-old little maid whose name is Nneoma Nnadi who was brutalized and nailed on the head for no reason by a couple whom she was living with and serving as their housemaid in Enugu metropolis. The heartbreaking story of this innocent girl attracted the media and it also became the subject of discussion on various social media platforms.

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The injuries on the body of this little girl and the animalistic treatments she received from two adults gave every Nigerian with a conscience great concerns. The wicked couple didn’t want Nneoma to survive the torture with the level of injuries she sustained from the brutal punishment they gave to her. The couple used hot iron on her. As if the beating and the starving weren’t enough, she was nailed on the head.

This news spread and attracted so many concerned individuals including the government of Enugu State, the ministry of gender, the commissioner of police, the NGOs, the press. The couples were apprehended and charged to a court of law. Although they pleaded not guilty they were penalized. Nneoma Nnadi was taken to the Parklane hospital for treatment under a heavy security guard.

Nothing much was heard again about the poor innocent girl due to the heavy beefing of security men where she was receiving treatment in the hospital. No one was allowed to see her, even to give her gifts. She was placed under the custody of the Commissioner of Police. Before you see her, you must get a permit from the Commissioner of Police. You must explain the reason why you want to see her.

The people who had gifts for her were asked to hand them to the security in the hospital. The security men scrutinized the gifts to know if it is worth it. If the gifts were accepted, it would be sent to her by the security people. In fact, to her in the hospital was like trying to see the president in the Aso Villa.

Because of this, many Nigerians loosed interest in her case and many seemed to have forgotten about her case. I followed up on her case because I have relatives who work in the ward where she was receiving treatment.

The first thing to know about this innocent is that she survived the torture. Nneoma has been discharged a long time ago from the hospital and she has started living a normal life again.

But where is she now?

Nneoma Nnadi has been reunited with her family but her life and that of her family have changed. Enugu state government led by His Excellency Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has taken up to train Nneoma to school and assisted her parents financially to set up a business. Nneoma now attends a good school with her other siblings. She will be trained up to the university level.

When God wants to lift a man, He doesn’t consider his or her background or present circumstances. Something may just happen and from there, the person will be announced. This is the story of little Miss Nneoma Nnadi. It is an example of a grass-to-grace story.



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