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7 Common Questions No one Can Answer. Can You?

What about telling you that there are 7 common questions no one can answer? There is a claim that everything has been written and every question answered. There is also a claim that there is no knowledge or findings on this earth that is new. These claims are true.

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These questions are actually common as claimed but the answers are yet to be known. In fact, no one can answer them, including genius. These are the questions:

The 7 Common Questions No One Can Answer

Common question number 1.

The person that drew the maps of the world, where was he standing?

Did someone draw the map of the world? Where was the person standing when he was sketching the drawing?


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Common question number 2.

The person who made money, how much was he paid?

Common question number 3.

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The person who started education, who taught him?

Common question number 4.

The first person to have a degree, who was his teacher?

Common question number 5.

The person that designed the calendar, how did he know what date it was.

Common question number 6.

The person that made the 1st clock, how did he know what time it was.

Common question number 7.

Why do we say Mungo Park discovered, River Niger? Was the river missing?

If you know answers to any of the questions, do not hesitate to provide them here. But if you do not know any, feel free to ask another person by sharing it until we get the right answers.