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Who Can Tell Us What Need The Man With The Cucumber Is Praying For

The Man With Cucumber Is Praying For What Need?

The photo you are seeing was taken in a church. It was taken during a prayer session in a church. The members were asked to come with any fruit of their choice and pray according to their needs.

I am not doubting or castigating the man of God. Anything can be used to perform a miracle. Jesus used mud to heal the man born without eyes. Paul performed miracles with handkerchiefs. Two fishes and five loaves of bread turned into a miracle and were used to fed 5,000 people plus and it ran over 12 baskets extra.

But I am looking at the fruits the members are holding on their heads and praying. Please, can someone tell us, the man with cucumber on his head, what is or should be his prayer point?

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