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Ifedioku is Beautiful But You Should See The Photos Of This Upcoming Model

It was a Ghanaian writer, Ayi Kwei Armah who said in one of her award-winning African novels that “The Beatyful Ones Are Not yet Born”. This is actually a book title. I think I totally agree. Don’t over celebrate the beauty of today for more beautiful ones will be born tomorrow. Or, do not let your beauty or what you have to get into your head because someone who will surpass may come up tomorrow.

In the time past, we have seen beauty upon beauty. We have celebrated talents upon talents. But with time, all these things seem to be fading away with newer versions eroding them and replacing them. In these post, I will show you the photos of Ifedioku and that of a young upcoming model, Chimdi Okafor. We shall see their photos with and without makeup. Finally, I will show you other Chimdi’s photos and that of her sisters.

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When I looked at the photos of the popular and beautiful celebs and compare the recent photos of this upcoming model, the only caption fit for this is what I just quoted in the fist paragraph; “The beautiful ones are not yet born”. How else can I explain the beauty I see in this young damsel, Chimdi Okafor.

People say Ifedioku looks so beautiful. It is not hearsay. I saw. I agree. I have seen her past and recent photographs. I have seen makeup and make up free photographs.

If you have seen all these and you are among the people that scream and say Ifedioku is fire, wait Until I show you something. The beautiful ones are indeed yet to be born. Some of them have been born actually but they are yet to be discovered.

I have seen Chimdi physically and I have also seen her photo on social media. One striking thing about this young upcoming model is that beauty runs in their family. I saw her other four sisters and can’t help but opening mu mouth and screaming “wow”.

*Chimdi’s sisters.

It is my pleasure to bring to you the photos of Chimdi. Take a seat and feed your eyes.