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Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?

Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?

Many people want to study abroad. If you are among them, there are things you must know. There are questions you should ask and find answers to them. One of the questions are: Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad? Read also: Easiest Ways to Leave or Travel out of Nigeria to Abroad in 2022.

WAEC GCE is not as difficult to pass as some people might think, but it does take a lot of hours of studying. On top of that, you have the pressure to do well on your final exams and secure the results you need for school or work.  The good news is that there are many countries in which students can study using their WAEC GCE certificate and gain life experience along with earning a degree at an esteemed university abroad. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about the WAEC GCE certificate and what it takes for one to pass. People are Selling their Toes in Zimbabwe in exchange for dollar: Find out here who buys the toes and what They use them for.

Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?

Yes, you can use the WAEC GCE to study abroad. The General Certificate of Education (GCE) is typically taken after 12th grade and before university, with one exam covering all grades. The GCE helps students get into university or other educational programs in Ghana. You can still use WAEC GCE even if you’re studying abroad–many institutions accept it as a form of academic qualification.


If you have the opportunity, consider supplementing your studies through field research or work experience. When studying abroad, students should consider combining their WAEC and NECO results; this will give them a better chance of getting admitted into universities and other programs. Students should also consider using the GCE or Waec result for study abroad opportunities.

The GCE is a test used by students to apply for full scholarships and study abroad in some circumstances, with different requirements depending on the country or institution you’re applying to.

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Is WAEC accepted in Canada?

Yes, WAEC is accepted in Canada. The National Examinations Council (NECO) and the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) certificates are both recognized in Canada, so students do not require any extra A level qualifications to enrol for undergraduate studies. In addition, the grades earned on these certificates can be used to gain entry into graduate programs at Canadian universities.

Although WAEC is widely accepted in Canada, it should be noted that it is only a preparatory certificate and does not allow for direct entry into a German university. Students who wish to study in Germany will need to complete the German Abitur qualification or take a Foundation program at a recognized German institution of higher education. However, if you plan on studying in Ghana then your WAEC certificate will be sufficient for admission into universities there.

Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?


Does University of Toronto accept Waec?

Yes, the University of Toronto accepts Waec. In fact, there are many Canadian universities that accept Waec results. The West African School Certificate Examination is open to both private and school candidates, so you can choose the route that’s best for you. If you’re looking for a list of universities that accept WASSCE results, check out the University of Toronto website. They have a handy search tool that will help you find schools that accept your qualifications!

Is Waec accepted in USA

Yes, the WAEC exam is open to both private and school candidates, so students should check with their country or university before applying for an American university. The WAEC result is accepted in all five participating Anglophone countries (the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Can WAEC be used to study in UK?

Currently, the West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE/WAEC) is accepted for entry to any of our bachelor degree programmes. However, applicants with WAEC can be considered for entry to one of our Foundation Programmes which provide opportunities for students to progress onto linked bachelor’s degree programmes.

The National Examination Council of Nigeria’s result can only be used to study abroad if the program is offered by a school located in Nigeria or Ghana and not across the border into another country such as Canada. A student with NECO result has no guarantee that their application will be accepted for university programs abroad, though it is unlikely that they would have been accepted based on their score alone without any other qualifications.

Students with a NECO result may apply for international university programs via UK universities but are required to provide transcripts from secondary schools before being considered eligible for admission. The WAEC is not recognized in the UK, but some students have been able to use it to apply for admission. It seems that the most successful students have a combination of their own grades and those from the WAEC.

Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?


Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad

What is the difference between GCE and WAEC

WAEC is just a body organizing examinations like SSCE and GCE. WAEC is an Organization while GCE is an external exams. GCE means General Certificate Examination. It is written independent of any Secondary school. Any post can sit for GCE without going to enroll into the Secondary school.

The GCE was replaced by the SSCE, which continues to be administered by WAEC. The two exams have different benefits and drawbacks. The GCE is better in some areas, but the WAEC is a more widely recognized and supported qualification. The GCE covers more areas than the WAEC, but the WAEC is more difficult.

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