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Kush Cannabis – Here are Facts You Should Know about the New cheap Illicit Drug

Kush – Here are Facts You Should Know about the New cheap Illicit Drug

Have you heard about the new cheap illicit drug sweeping through Africa currently among the youths? It is called Kush. So, what is Kush? It is a name for grass. Its real meaning is “drug Sacred grass”. A son of the God Ram (Son of Rama and Sita). Kush means Sacred kush Grass. Kush – Here are Facts You Should Know about the New cheap Illicit Drug.

Kush is a dried leaf that has been sprayed with drugs, which is not very expensive for young people to drink.  Another name for this Kush is Spice. This drug has become popular and a popular demand illicit drug among young people and has overtaken other drugs such as Tramadol.

According to Wikipedia, Kush generally refers to a pure or hybrid Cannabis indica strain. Pure C. indica strains include Afghan Kush, Hindu Kush, Green Kush, and Purple Kush. … “Hindu Kush” strains of Cannabis were taken to the United States in the mid-to-late 1970s and continue to be available there to the present day.

It is has become a cause for worry in Sierra leone among their youths both in the rural and in the urban areas. What makes this deadly drug very popular is that it costs nothing. I mean it is very cheap. It is the cheapest drug currently. It is affordable and available both for the poor and the rich.

Kush Cannabis -  Here are Facts You Should Know about the New cheap Illicit Drug
Kush Cannabis (Drug Sacred Grass)

How Does Kush Drug Taste?

Prominent features of the Kush drug are Flavor and spice. It has the taste of flavors of fruits or flowers. Like I said earlier, it is a leaf sprayed with drugs. The Smoke from the lighted kush leaf or the vapor from the boiling should be smooth and herbaceous, tasting of flowers, grape, diesel, citrus, and earth.

The effects of Kush drug are typically heavy and sedative. OG Kush crosses are usually coupled with a bright euphoria that puts a smile on the couch-locked consumer.

How do users take Kush drugs?

Just like Marijuana, it can be dried, molded in a wrap from, and lighted. The smoke is inhaled the same way cigarette is inhaled. It has been reported too that people add it to their meals.

Kush leaves can be boiled and the vapor is inhaled. It can be chewed or leaked too.

Is Kush Drug in Nigeria?

Yes. It is available in Nigeria and used by Nigerian youths. There is the strain called Mali Kush which they consume.


The most trending is Mkpuru Mmiri (Meth). This illicit drug is wreaking havoc in the lives of the youths in Eastern Nigerian and other places. It has become a cause for worry for communities, families, and the State Government. All efforts are geared towards eradicating Mkpuru Mmiri.

Why is Kush drug a Popular Demand Among the Youths?

Kush strains are known to have the utmost relaxing effect, all while making the user giggly and joyous. Another reason is that it is very cheap. Kush strains with strong ties to their indica roots are very hard to come by these days, as the cannabis community moved towards growing highly resistant hybrids.

Again, due to its high THC content, Kush is also a well-known severe and chronic pain-reliever and powerful relaxant. Furthermore, it can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, though it’s best to consume a lower dosage. There are some indications it may also help soothe nausea, migraines, and headaches.

Kush strains are usually indica or hybrid strains, which means they may make you feel incredibly relaxed and drowsy. Medicinal marijuana users often choose kush strains for their pain-relieving properties. Some kush strains may also make you feel slightly euphoric and focused.

Kush – Here are Facts You Should Know about the New cheap Illicit Drug

Origin of Kush Cannabis?

According to sources, the origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. “Hindu Kush” strains of Cannabis were taken to the United States in the mid-to-late 1970s and continue to be available there to the present day.

Kush cannabis is consumed in the United State too. Currently, it has swept through African countries and is predominant among the young youths in Sierra leone. You may Read: Okeite Rituals or Oke ite Awele – What They Won’t tell You.

What are the Impact and the Side Effects of Kush cannabis on the Users?

  • Paranoia and Hallucinations:

One thing about the consumption and abuse of illicit drugs is what it turns the users into. It turns a once looking handsome and sane young man into a rogue-looking, dirty and tattered. They walk about, talking to their shadows and withdrawn.

Side effects include paranoia and hallucinations, which can result in violent behavior and death.

  • Madness:

Let me put it straight here, uses of illicit drugs like kush are responsible for the 70 percent of youths who are raving mad in the streets. The effect drives young people crazy on foot. It disentangles the veins in their brain and if medical help is not sought early the person goes mad.

  • Violent:

Kush users are violent. Young people are killing each other recently in Sierra Leone. Some said they have thought of committing suicide.

Although Kush gives euphoria of joy and happiness it is momentary. The nets in Kush bring joy and happiness to them but it brings the reverse once it expires in their blood vessels. They usually get hurt when they put Kush on their head and are ready to hurt anyone at the slightest provocation.

  • Crimes:

An illicit drug user is like Oliver Twist. He will always want some more. If he doesn’t have the money to pay for the drug, he will do anything to get hold of the drug, even if it means stealing.  It is reported that in Sierra Leone, young men often look for anything they can sell to earn money to buy Kush.

In the case of the young woman, they can use any means like the practice of witchcraft to get money for this Kush drug. This drug also often pushes young people to commit crimes.

Consumption of Kush has given rise to rape.  It gives young men unnecessary urge, power, and energy to have (s*z) with many women even without their consent. It also removes the stigma attached to women doing unscrupulous businesses.

  • Death:

Consumption and illegal abuse of Kush drugs and other Cannabis can lead to death. It gradually takes the life out of the user and drains the life out of him or her. Here are the Names and the Locations of the NGOs on Drug Abuse and Rehab Centres in Nigeria.

Kush – Here are Facts You Should Know about the New cheap Illicit Drug

Final Note

Stay away from the abuse and use of all forms of illicit drugs. It has not done anyone any good. The end and the outcome are always regretted and disastrous. Most times, the abusers do not have the chance or the opportunity to go for correction or rehab.

Kush cannabis and all other strains are destiny wasters. SAY NO TO IT!


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