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How To Make Black Seed Oil At Home – from Expert

How To Make Black Seed Oil at Home – from Expert

In the course of this post, we shall be discussing all you need to know about black seed Oil. You will also learn how to make Black Seed Oil at home – from Expert. I had to attach the word, expert because you will be learning the process from an expert in black seed oil making.

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in our subsequent post, I am going to share the 70 ailments you can cure with Black seed oil. Here, we are concentrating on how to make the oil at home for those who already know the uses and the benefits of Black seed oil.

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is the oily extracts of black seed. Don’t worry, I will explain more. We need to know what black seed is and how it looks like before explaining what the oil is.

What about Black seed? It is a common name given for the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant. This plant grows in Southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia. The seed is also known as nigella, black cumin, fennel flower, black caraway, and Roman coriander.

It contains thymoquinone, a compound with antioxidant properties, as one of its key components and used by some for the treatment of conditions including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and other conditions.

Here, in Nigeria, black seed is not unpopular. One problem with most of the black seed oil sold in the market is that they are adulterated. Even the ones sold online might have some preservatives mixed with it or other stuff that affect the potency and the safety of the usages of the oil.

So, it is good you learn how to produce or make black seed oil at home. With this, you can boast that it is purely organic and get desired results from it.

According to, black seed oil is extracted from black seeds. “Capsules of the oil may be found in health stores and online. Both the oil and the seeds, which can be consumed raw or lightly toasted, have long been used as medicinal plants in the regions where N. Sativa is grown. It even appears in the words of Mohammad and the Judeo-Christian Holy Bible.”

The oil extract of black seeds is very medicinal. It should be a must-have for every home. If you can’t buy the original from the markets then follow these simple steps and learn how to make it at home.

Where do I Buy or Get Black Seeds?

Black Seeds

To make or produce black seed oil, you must have black seeds. The image you are seeing on this post is called black seeds. It looks like tiny debris of charcoal while looking at it. It is not charcoal, these are black seeds.

Black seeds is not scarce in the Nigerian markets. You can buy it from the nuts vendors who are known as ‘Aboki or Hausa people”. They hawk it around with bitter cola, Kola nuts, dibino (dates), etc.

I bought the sample I show here from those Hausa guys that sell organic products. With five hundred Naira (#500), you will get a good size of black seed that you can convert into black seed oil.

Aside, Nothern vendors (Aboki), you can buy black seeds in the markets. It can be bought where nuts and grains are sold in the markets. As I said, it is not a hidden product.

How To Make Black Seed Oil at Home – from Expert

There are 2 things required in making black seeds oil:

  •  Carrier Oil
  • Black Seeds

I have explained what Black seeds mean and where to find them. For those who do not know what carrier oil means, I am going to explain it here too.

Carrier Oil simply means oils used to dilute essential oils. Examples of carrier oils are coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, Avocado oil, etc. Another word for it is ‘base oil‘.

For example, when you want to make carrot oil. You will have to pour oil into the carrot extracts to form the carrot oil. That oil you added is known as a carrier oil.

I don’t think there is any home that does not have either olive oil or coconut oil at home. So, you can use either your coconut oil or olive oil as your base oil (carrier oil) to make your black seed oil.


Procedures in making Black seeds oil at Home

Having mentioned the requirements, follow these steps to make your black oil at home. Note, there are different methods of making black oil. We are going to teach you the cold-pressed method.

This is because this type of method is the safest and it helps to preserve all the medicinal properties in the black seeds.

  • * Pour the black seed into your blender and blend into a powder. Don’t add water. Just blend dry.
  • * Pour your carrier oil into the blender and blend again.
  • * Blend and allow it to settle for 30 minutes.
  • * Repeat this process 3x
  • * Then pour it in a bowl.
  • * You can keep it somewhere safe for few hours so that it will infuse very well.

I prefer leaving it overnight for it to infuse very well. Leaving it overnight is actually the cold-pressed process. It allows the black seeds to ferment with the base oil.

    • * Then sieve the oil to remove the seed particles and there you have it. Your cold-pressed black seed oil is ready for use.

How to make black seed oil at home


However, in the absence of a blender, black seeds can be ground or pounded. Just make sure it is pounded into powder.

When you are done pounding or grinding, scoop everything into a bowl and pour your carrier or base oil. Mix it and leave it to settle. Keep it in a safe and cool place and cover it with a tight lid.

After a few hours, open it and remix it again. Turn it with a spoon until the black seeds are soaked with the carrier oil. Do it over and over like 3 consecutive time intervals and keep it overnight.

Leave it till the following day (24 hours). Your black seed oil is good to go.

But, the task is not yet finished. You need to sieve it. Sieve out the black seeds chaff and store the oil extracts in a cup or bottle with a cover.

Wow! That is your black seeds oil.

Summary on How To Make Black Seed Oil at Home – from Expert

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