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About “Extreme Sisters” — The TLC Series; 10 Things to Note

What you should know about  Extreme Sisters TLC Series.

Extreme Sisters TLC Show is gonna impact lots of relationships, especially among siblings. Oh Yes! That is what the show is all about; going the extra mile in caring for your siblings and doing the unimaginable (going extreme) for her or him.

What is Extreme Sisters TLC Series all about? It is all about sibling bonds. When we talk about bonds, we mean unusual (extreme) tight bonds.

We have to write about this topic because we noticed people are searching about “the twins in the Extreme Sisters” Series. We mean the assumed identical twins cast in the series.

It probably because we have previously written about the popular extreme twins’ sisters, Anna and Lucy DeCinque. But not on the series. We wrote about “Before and After Photos of their body modifications that turned them into identical twins”.

The Twins in Extreme Sisters.

Anna and Lucy are two sisters. They are 33 years old. They were born as twins but not identical twins.

Their heart desire was to become identical twins so that no one can be able to differentiate them again. So, through plastic surgery, they were able to achieve the feat.

This is somehow what Extreme Sisters is all about. It is all about sibling bonds. When we talk about bonds, we mean tight bonds; unusual kinds of bonds that make people quirk.

It is a good thing for siblings to have good bonds or tight bonds. Parents feel good when their children are always there to look out for one another.

But why the word, “Extreme”?

Extreme is used when siblings share more than just a tight bond and this is what the Tv drama series is trying to prove. Just as in the case of Anna and Lucy who spent fortunes on plastic surgery just to look identical.

The drama series featured 5 sets of sisters who have unusual sibling bonds. These sisters do everything in common and not only that, they claim to share similar special powers. The series look or appear so weird to some people.

We followed a write-up about the Extreme Sisters Series by Camille Moore. The author pointed out 10 Things People probably Didn’t Know about the “Extreme Sisters” TLC series.

 10 Things to Take Note of about Extreme Sisters TLC series

  • Not All the Casts are Twins

So many people think that all the sisters in the series are twins. They are not. But merely looking at the advert about the series, one may think it is all about the affairs of the twins.

The series is also teaching that although twins share some unusual relationships, others who aren’t twins can also share special relationships.

  • Some Of The Cast Members Are Social Media Stars

You may find two or more casts in the Expreme sisters who are familiar to you. This is because some of them are social media stars.

An example of this is the case of Anna and Lucy DeCinque. The two sisters are already trending on social media and the internet before the casting. And many people like it when they see these familiar faces.


  •  The Series Is Filmed In different Places

According to Camille; “There are some reality shows where all of the cast members live in the same state, but Extreme Sisters isn’t one of them. Actually, the show has an international cast.

While almost all of the show’s stars live in different parts of the United States, Anna and Lucy DeCinque are located in Australia”.


  •  The Cast Members Are Probably Paid

Another thing you need to know again about the casts in the Extreme sisters is that they are paid. This claim is proved by On its casting call, it mentioned that being on the show was a paid opportunity and that cast members would be paid per episode.

Although the post did not reveal the particular amount paid to each cast we guess it is done based on agreement. Each cast will be paid according to the role he or she plays and the negotiation.


  • Extreme Sisters is not the Only Show On TLC About Odd Family Dynamics

There are other intriguing series on Family dynamism by TLC. So, Extreme sisters are not the only show.

Shows like “Smothered” and “I Love A Mama’s Boy” are some of them. These two TLC series are the documentations of families and people who have unusual or extreme close relationships.

So, if you are among those who are quirked by the shows in Extreme sisters, you should also see these other shows. You need to know extreme things that exist in many families other than that of siblings bonds.


  • Extreme Sister Doesn’t Have Its Own Social Media Accounts

You cannot follow this show on social media. This is because ‘Extreme sisters’ doesn’t have any social media account presently.

Many popular shows have social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter where viewers can follow and comment about the show. But this is not the case with extreme sisters. If you’re the kind of person who likes to follow your favorite shows on social media, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that now with Extreme Sisters.

Presently, it is yet to have an official account. However, things may change in the future. The show may create an account if it ends up becoming one of the most popular shows on the network.


  • One Set Of Sisters Is Dating The Same Man in Real Life

Anna and Lucy DeCinque’s boyfriend (Source: Google)

Sisters who are dating the same man is part of Extreme sisters’ shows. But this is the true-life story of one set of the sisters. And we know who these sisters are.

Apart from the script they play on how extremely close siblings can become, these sisters on the Shows live it in the real life. They are Anna and Lucy DeCinque.

It is true that siblings do share special kinds of bonds. But not the kind of Anna and her sister. They have taken things to an entirely new level.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque is one of the sets of sisters in the Extreme Sisters. They are actually dating the same man. In real life, these sisters share the same man on the same bed and at the same time.


  • Twins on Extreme Sisters Don’t Care What Other People Think

One thing that all of these sisters have in common (besides being extremely close) is that they don’t care what other people have to say about it. They’re happy with the way things are and they don’t plan on changing for anyone.

Even if you don’t agree with how they get down, you have to admit that their level of “I don’t care attitude” is admirable.


  • Viewers are Intrigued About Extreme Sister

I won’t be surprised if this show sells more than other shows that came before it. This is because viewers seem to be very entertained by the show.

Extreme Sisters is still very early on in its first season, but it’s already getting a lot of attention from viewers. Personally, I didn’t know about the show but when people began to search about it on our site, it peak my interest. I have equally seen social media users sharing their opinions of the TLC Series.

  • The Closeness of the Sisters in Extreme Sisters has Impacted Other Relationships

Some siblings are not on good terms just because they are interested in one person. Many have gone the extra miles in harming one another. But in “Extreme Sisters”, the case is different.

It is all about what will I do for my siblings to be happy? And anything, I mean, anything, the sisters can do it. Can you imagine catching your sister on the bed with your partner?

Anna and Lucy DeCinque will gladly forgive and ask them to go ahead just to make a sister happy. This seems weird but it has gone a long way to impact other relationships, teaching the act of letting go and sacrifices.

The Sum

The Extreme Sisters TLC Series is becoming popular just within a short time of its release. Initially, it was received with mixed feelings. But many people have admitted that in as much as they want to keep their minds off the show, they can’t keep their eyes off it.

Personally, I am seeing many relationships impacted by Extreme Sisters. Bonds will grow or strengthen among siblings.

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