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Scary! See 40-Year-Old Slay-queen who is Pregnant for Anaconda Snake

Slay-queen Pregnant for Anaconda Snake

Wonder shall never end they say. See 40-Year-Old Slay-queen who is Pregnant for this Anaconda Snake and she is proud of it. Slay-queen Pregnant for Anaconda Snake.


Slay-queen Pregnant for Anaconda Snake

If you think you have seen it all, wait until I show you a picture of a South African 40-year-old Slay-queen, Sonto, who is pregnant for her Anaconda snake. The photo has been circulating on social media. She posed in a picture with her Anaconda snake on her car. It is alleged that the snake is responsible for her pregnancy.

The person who posted this picture is her relative and mentioned that the woman is a witch who uses blood and sacrifices to be rich. She also said that the woman in the picture is a slay queen who uses snakes and rats to make money.

“Sonto has been sleeping with this big snake in exchange for wealth and now it has impregnated her. This has been going on for too long and slay-queens like her should be exposed.” the relative revealed.

The 40-year-old slay-queen is not denying the allegation. When she was asked about the picture, she said it is for sacrifices. She said it is to make money and it is a normal thing that people shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

“People should be free and do whatever they want because at the end of the day I’m the one with a fatter bank balance,” Sonto responded.

She also accepted that she has been sleeping with the anaconda every day and confirmed that it got her pregnant. She is not perturbed by the fact that she is carrying a baby snake. She moves freely and continues to live her life normally.

Meanwhile, her family is not happy about the lifestyle the young lady has chosen to live. Her father in particular, Apostle Makgaba was openly displeased with his daughter. He frowned at her bold decision to share the scary lifestyle on social media and preached against it.

See screenshots of what people are saying about this:


Slay-queen Pregnant for Anaconda Snake

Slay-queen Pregnant for Anaconda Snake

I have nothing to comment about this. All I have to say is that the end is really here with us.