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#ENDSARS: Anambra, Onitsha Head Bridge Blocked With Voodoo And Black Magic

The ENDSARS Protests has taken another dimension in Anambra State this evening. The protests have gone traditional as some angry youths, magicians and witch doctors in the state invade Onitsha head bridge this evening and blocked the road. EndSARS black magic and voodoo

EndSARS black magic and voodoo

Passengers and motorists have been stranded. No vehicle can access the road at the moment. There is a heavy traffic jam due to this. Some passengers are taking to social media to narrate their ordeal on the road. One of them, De Light said;

“This is what I am facing currently. I can’t even enter Anambra as it stands now 🔥🔥🔥Head bridge Onitsha blocked with voodoo and black magic….Wahala dey oooooh.” EndSARS black magic and voodoo

>>>More details to come later.

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