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Covid-19 Has 7 Spirits. It Is No Longer The Virus That Kills

Covid-19 Has 7 Spirits. It Is No Longer The Virus That Kills, It is the Spirits behind it.

Photo by Simon Simberg via Pexels

“Anyone can publish on any platform, but we don’t fact-check every story. For more info about the coronavirus, see”

I already know. I have to put the notice below because I am expecting the warning notice on the uppermost top of this post when it is finally published. It is also part of what am going to discuss in this article.

I will save myself the headache of defining or explaining what Covid-19 is here.

Why should I? We have been told to visit for any information concerning the virus. Moreover, I am not an expert in ‘virusology’. I am not an expert in ‘epidemiology’. I do not have a single walk experience in the Emergency Room. Only those who have can write for us.

But I can write about cancer, how my sister beat it and people will believe my story. I can write how we have been surviving Malaria and Typhoid infection in Africa and it will be gazetted.

I am not also permitted to talk about my experience and how I beat it with or without medical assistance.

But my rich Microsoft uncle and his wife who are novices like myself in medicine made predictions and we listened. No squabbles. It is part of the spirit of the beast which I am going to discuss here.

Covid-19 is a beast with seven spirits.

  • Spirit of Confusion

Image by Marianne bos via Unsplash

I am no longer a child. I have lived and witnessed many events. But I am yet to see an event that has created confusion in the whole world as great and mighty as Covid-19 has done. Those who claim to be experts in the fields of science and medicine have on many occasions contradicted one and another.

This is a disease that has stirred a lot of dust of confusion among medical practitioners. It is been over six months of debate over the use of Hydroxychloroquine. The debate has been on the air but there has never been a consensus over the use. Although hospitals and individuals are using the drug, it raises dust each time it is mentioned.

Isn’t six months enough time to gather evidence on the efficacy of the drug on the management of Covid-19 patients?

There is nothing other than confusion and that is one of the spirits the virus came with.

Those of us in the hinterland who do not have access to quality health care treated ourselves locally. We reported the same to the medics but they turned us down and said it is quackery.

  • Spirit of Deceit

So many people may not believe that some leaders of third world countries are making shady dealings out of Covid-19. For example, in my country, when you visit any general hospital for different health reasons, you will be counted as Covid-19 patients.

My sister gave birth in the month of April. We saw the number written on the hospital receipt that was given to her written as “COVID 745”. This is to say that she was the number 745th Covid-19 patient who was treated and discharged.

But she was not sick in the first place. She went to give birth in the hospital and went home after 48 hours.

I went back to the hospital to be sure she was given the right receipt. The nurse on duty told me it was an order from the above.

What about the leaders that told the world that they fed the school children with more than two 647 million dollars daily during the lockdown? These are children who have been at home with their parents since March.

Spirit of Covid-19; the spirit of deceit and lying.

  • Spirit of Disunity

Covid-19 has opened cans of worms and caused disunity among the leaders of different countries of the world. Since the outbreak of the virus, it has been one disagreement or the other. It is been to your tent oh Israel.

The World Health Organization distanced itself on the Hydrochloroquine claim by the President of the United State. In retaliation, Donald Trump threatened to terminate the U.S. relationship with WHO.

Medical practitioners have been divided against one another. It has been one argument on Covid-19 upon another.

The Madagascar Artemissia concoction stirred much dust on its own. The WHO gave a cold shoulder to the homemade herb. The Madagascan President allegedly made a claim that his country is no longer part of WHO.

It has been disunity upon disunity.

  • Spirit of Fear

Photo by Simon Simberg via Pexels

Take a second look at this image. This is how they sold Covid-19 to us. We bought it and it began to torment us. The fear that came with the virus dealt with us so much.

The fear killed us before the real virus came. We were psyched into believing that with this strain of the virus, the end of mankind has come. We believed it was a death sentence for any victim.

For the fear of the virus, our doctors locked up their clinics and bolted. Many asthma and neuro patients were made victims of circumstances. They were left to die because of fear of Covid-19. We were told it lives in the air and we quaked the more.

But thanks goodness, among these spirits, this very one has been overcome. We have overcome the fear that came with Covid-19. Many of us have been in the Covid-19 burner. We are no longer afraid. Experience has taught us better.

  • Spirit of Intimidation

We can discuss cancer and other diseases that are even deadlier than Covid-19 freely. You can write about them, anywhere, anytime but you dare not write or talk about Covid-19 without been shut up or intimidated.

One of the numerous examples of these is the trending video of Dr. Mrs. Emmanuella Chukwuka who spoke about hope in the treatment and management of Covid-19 patients with Hydrochloqine. She has treaded in a dreaded path. Who asked her to speak up?

There are few people who can speak on this subject. Uncle Bill Gates and my sister Melinda have the right to say something about Covid-19, even when they are not ‘virus experts’.

But that is the Beast’s feature for you. It came with an intimidation spirit.

  • Spirit of Restriction/Lock-down

Oh yes! This is the major weapon the virus came with. It has locked down the whole world. When it catches people, it restricts their movements, confines them in a basement, or in quarantine tents.

The world should team up together to fight this beast. We have been locked down and inside for a long time. The world is suffocating. We need to open the windows and the doors again. I long to see my friends and brothers from the other side.

  • Spirit of Political Propaganda

I choose to leave this paragraph open. I will love my readers to comment on their views on it. We all are seeing the media. We are listening.

But the point I made here is that Covid-19 came with the spirit of political propaganda.

This strain of the virus is already 7 months old plus and some experts say it has mutated. That is not my concern. My concern is how to make the world free from it.

How do we deal with these 7 spirits?

Like I stated earlier, it is no longer the virus that is holding us captive, it is the spirits behind it. These spirits cannot fight us unless we help them to fight us.

Tame these spirits, you have tamed the virus.

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