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Why Private Schools Offer Better Education

Have you wondered Why Private Schools Offer Better Education? Read and find out the reasons here. Read also: Declining of Male teachers in Primary Schools – Causes.

The quality of education in recent times has greatly drifted from what it used to be. In the earlier times when education was new to Africa, public schools were held in high prestige over private schools. But towards the 2000s, the trend of strong public schools started declining and private schools started taking over the place of public schools when it came to offering quality education.

This article will be discussing the reason why private schools offer better education. Much attention is needed here as this directly impacts the quality of education the younger generation would get.

Why Do Private Schools Offer Better Education?

One of the reasons private schools offer students a much better education is that they tend to expose their students to a wider variety of subjects and curriculums than public schools. As a result, students learn different skills and acquire knowledge in various fields. These different skills help prepare children for the labor market since they are exposed to many different disciplines during their years in school.

Furthermore, parents who choose to enroll their kids in private schools receive special attention from teachers. Unlike the teachers in public schools, private school teachers tend to spend more time helping students grow academically. This extra effort goes beyond just teaching lessons; instead, they provide individualized tutoring sessions. Many times teachers in private schools go to The homes of the students to give them private tutoring. 

They also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, making them the perfect choice for busy families. In the case of parents who are government workers that have minimal time for themselves during the day, you have no other option than to enroll their child in a private school so that with the money your children can be well taken care of. Why Private Schools Offer Better Education

This is nearly impossible in public schools. The majority of public schools lack sports teams and clubs, while private schools usually have them. Parents can look forward to spending less money on afterschool programs and paying for tuition fees. Let’s further discuss the reasons why private schools offer better education.

4 Reasons Why Private Schools Offer Better Education

why private schools offer better education

Below are some of the reasons private schools tend to offer better education than the public schools:

1. Smaller Class Sizes

Class size is one of the most important factors in determining whether a student receives an excellent education. Students in small classrooms learn faster and retain information longer. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to spend more time teaching each student individually.

This means that students receive more personalized instruction and have more opportunities to ask questions. Students in larger classes usually have to share desks and may be forced to sit next to classmates who distract them from learning. For example, in Nigeria, public schools tend to be overcrowded in the classroom. Why Private Schools Offer Better Education.

Using as a case study, in a typical Nigerian public school, especially secondary schools, the number of students per class exceeds the maximum capacity.  In a class, you could find up to 50 students whereas it is recommended that classrooms maintain a maximum capacity of 30 students and an average capacity of 20 to 25 students.

Private schools typically have smaller class sizes. Students can enjoy learning alongside other children rather than sharing a desk with 20 others like in a public classroom. Smaller classes are also easier to handle and teach, allowing teachers to focus on each student individually

The Teachers in private schools often give individual attention to every student in the classroom. They focus a lot on helping students improve their grades and test scores instead of focusing on testing students’ knowledge. This allows teachers to tailor lessons to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Public schools usually teach using standardized tests. These tests measure students’ knowledge rather than their ability to apply that knowledge.

Why Private Schools Offer Better Education

2. Better Teacher Quality

Private schools hire experienced teachers who are committed to providing quality education. Public schools typically hire inexperienced teachers who lack training and expertise. Although private schools may not give room for a relaxed working environment, they always select the best set of teachers to teach their students. You may read also: 5 Biggest Problems of Private schools in Africa

When hiring teachers, private schools place greater emphasis on teacher qualifications than public schools. They also pay higher salaries to attract qualified teachers. This is one area that the government needs to look into if they tend to reclaim the quality of teachers from the hands of private schools. As a result, private schools generally hire better teachers than public schools.

3. Intense supervision

This is pressure posted by employers in private schools. These employers set up intense supervision to make sure that teachers carry out their duties respectfully. The employer put measures like ducting the salaries of teachers who: don’t comply with coming to school as at when due, teachers who miss their period allotted for teaching, teachers who fail to provide the lesson notes, and some other areas.

They don’t put this in place because they hate the teachers, they do it because they want to ensure that all teachers are checked to make sure they work their maximum in pushing the school forward. Why Private Schools Offer Better Education.

Compared to public schools, teachers are not always checked. Some of the teachers are always reluctant in carrying out their duties. Some do it because they know too well that the principal or headmaster of the school doesn’t have the authority to sack them directly without reporting them to the ministry in charge.

4. More Conducive Learning Environment

private schools offer a more conducive learning environment and the public schools. Especially the ones that are boarding schools, they activate strict measures to make sure that the students are not found wanting in any area of life. In private boarding schools, you hardly hear cases of bullying. If at all, the school authorities are always on alert to ensure that the interest of the school and the image of the school is protected.

For example, the case of Sylvester Oromoni Junior of Dowen College, Lagos, is a 12-year-old boy who was allegedly poisoned to death by his senior colleagues in school. The case sparked a lot of reaction on social media which made school authorities sit up to investigate more into the matter for the interest of the school.

If that was in a public school there is every probability that no one would be held responsible or accountable for what happened. Private schools do keep many eyes on their students’ activity and apply strict measures to make sure students don’t misbehave. 

Private schools provide a more conducive environment when it comes to equipping students with the materials they need. The only cost may be the school fees but certainly, the students get the value of what you paid for. So long as there is competition, all private schools will always strive for more popularity. 

Why Private Schools Offer Better Education


There are several advantages to attending a private school over a public school. 

Private schools provide a better education for students. But, private schools are more expensive than public schools, especially for families dependent on their salaries as a source of income.

Overall, private schools are ideal choices for families that want their children to grow academically and experience greater opportunities outside of the classroom. They are known for offering a superior education compared to public schools. This is due to the fact that students attend classes with smaller class sizes and receive individual attention.

In reality, private schools don’t necessarily offer a better education than public schools. You may wonder why. It’s because development still lies in the hands of the receiving student. They’re some people that attended public schools and today, they’re doing marvelously well in their career fields. 

Yes, the private school will give students an edge over their counterparts in public schools but that does not in any way condemn public schools or rate their quality of education lower than standard.