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Biography of Tunde Lemo; the Chairman, Owner of Titan Trust Bank, His Family, Education, Net worth

Biography of Tunde Lemo; the Chairman and Owner of Titan Trust Bank

Biography of Tunde Lemo. Tunde Lemo is the Chairman and the brain behind the new giant stride in the banking industry that just acquired Union bank. His full name is Babatunde Olakunle Lemo. He was a former deputy governor of the central bank of Nigeria and current Chairman of Titan Trust Bank.
He is a businessman and a successful Nigerian capitalist with many streams of income. Tunde is a big name in the finance sector following his contribution and investment in finance companies both home and abroad. Here is the biography of Tunde Lemo; the Chairman and Owner of Titan Trust Bank.

In this article, we shall be revealing some unknown facts about the business mogul who is also the CEO of Titan Trust Bank. This article will talk about; Who is Tunde Lemo? His family, Age, Business, Bank, and current trend about the acquisition of another financial company. Biography of Tunde Lemo; the Chairman, Owner of Titan Trust Bank, His Family, Education, Net worth.

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Who is Tunde Lemo?

Tunde Lemo, the short name for Babatunde Olakunle Lemo, is a Nigerian Banker, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, and an institute of  Chartered accountant of Nigeria. Serving as a deputy governor of the central bank of Nigeria, Tunde was able to build a name for himself in the finance sector and this in return has helped his reputation that boost his career.
Tunde was chairman of the Federal Emergency Road Maintenance Agency after he was appointed by President Mohammadu Buhari in 2017 which took effect in July 2018. Tunde chairs Companies like Flutterwave and Titan Trust Bank among others.

Tunde Lemo State of Origin

Tunde Lemo is from Ogun State in Nigeria. He is the son of a school teacher and he was born in 1959 in Ogun state.

Personal Life/Education

Tunde Lemo is the son of a school teacher and he was born in 1959 in Ogun state. Tunde attended Lisabi grammar school in Ogun state Nigeria. Lisabi is situated in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital.
Tunde proceeded to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Where he studied and acquire his first bachelor’s degree in  Accountancy in 1984. He graduated with first-class division and won seven (7) academic Laurels topping it with the award of best graduating student on the faculty.
Mr. Tunde Lemo did not stop here. In 2002, He attended the University of Pennsylvania in the USA for an Advanced Management Program (AMP). Tunde who kick start his career in Arthur Anderson & Co Chattered Accountants in 1985, has held various other positions in finance sectors; both private and public sector.
Before his appointment as deputy governor of the central bank of Nigeria, he has worked as MD/CEO of the transformation of Wema bank Plc between 2000 and 2003. During this time, Wema Bank was rated one of the top ten most profitable commercial banks in 2003.

Biography of Tunde Lemo; the Chairman and Owner of Titan Trust Bank

Tunde Lemo and Titan Trust Bank

Tunde Lemo is currently the chairman of the fast-rising commercial institution in Nigeria known as Titan Trust Bank.
Titan recently became the talk of the town after the two years old operational bank acquired a 104-year Union bank of Nigeria Plc. Titan has said to acquire the ownership of this one of the oldest banks in Nigeria after acquiring a whooping 89.39 of its share.
Mr. Mudassir Amray, Chief Executive Officer, Titan Trust Bank made a public announcement over the week about TTB. In his words, he said:

“Whilst thanking our current investors for their unwavering commitment to the Bank over the years, we welcome our new core investor, TTB. We recognize the strategic fit between the two institutions and expect that this deal will deliver the best outcome for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. We look forward to collectively writing the next exciting chapter for Union Bank,” he noted.

Chief Executive Officer, Titan Trust Bank, Mr. Mudassir Amray said: “After completing over two years of operations with aggressive organic growth, we are excited to have an opportunity for a significant leap forward in market share. UBN’s widespread presence, state-of-the-art technology platform, quality staff, and strong brand loyalty fits well with our synchronized modular strategy. We look forward to delivering superior results for the benefit of our staff, customers, shareholders, and stakeholders.”

Titan is still a very young commercial bank in Nigeria. Titan, which was established on the 12th of December 2018, operates as a commercial bank under national authorization and began its full operation as a national commercial bank in 2019 after obtaining its National Banking License on the 26th of April in the same year. (2019).

Biography of Tunde Lemo; the Chairman and Owner of Titan Trust Bank

Tunde Lemo’s Wife, Family, and Children

Tunde Lemo has been described as a responsible father by his son Dapo who always will teach his children humility and how to live a simple life. In an interview with PunchNg. Dapo who is the first son of Tunde’s three children described how his father has always kept them grounded despite being a rich man’s children.
Tunde Lemo first son, Dapo, studied economics at the University of Manchester in the united kingdom. He has a sister who is the second child of the family and a Lawyer. Also, the youngest son of the business mogul is currently at the University of Manchester, studying business and economics.
Apart from being the chairman of Titan Trust Bank, Mr. Tunde Lemo and his family also run private businesses. ” We have family businesses. A group of a nursery, primary, and secondary school which my wife and I supervise as chairman” Mr. Tunde says while being interviewed by PunchNg.

Tunde Lemo Age

How old is Tunde Lemo? I saw a search query about the age of the owner of Titan Trust bank.Tunde Lemo was born in 1959 in Ogun state. He is currently  62 years old.

Tunde Lemon’ Religion

Tunde is a Christian. Who according to his first son, like reading the Holy Bible.

Tunde Lemo Hobbies

When Dapo, his first son was asked what type of books his father reads, He describes him as someone who reads widely. He loves to read the Bible. He reads books about economics and finance like “The great depression” etc. He also likes to read books by Christan Authors. Dapo added.

Tunde Lemo Net Worth

Currently, Tunde Lemo’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million – $50 million. This is an estimation of his wealth based on salary and other appointments so far in his career.